Radio controlled model plane with an ability to deliver payload within a given Circular Error of Probability (CEP).


  • Participants are expected to perform a set of manoeuvres over an expected area of football ground (91m x 36m approx.), within 5 minutes.
  • Participants will then have to do spot landing – i.e. land the plane in a defined area, after completing the manoeuvres.
  • The maximum time given to each participant (i.e. for engine warm-up, take off, manoeuvring and spot landing) is 5 minutes. Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit.
  • Manoeuvres performed, or spot landing done, after the given time (5 minutes) will not be considered.


  • The RC Plane should be able to deliver a minimum payload of 150gms (Participants should bring their own weights which will be checked). The payload has to be dropped within the zone of Circular Error of Probability (C.E.P.).
  • Drop zone Circular Error of Probability details are: A – 1.5 m diameter B – 3 m diameter.


  • The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition.
  • The team which is not ready at the specified time shall be automatically disqualified from the competition.
  • The time measured by the organisers shall be final and shall be used for scoring the teams.
  • The time measured by any contestant of a team by any means will not be accepted for scoring.
  • In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organisers’ decision will be final and binding.
  • The organisers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules, as they deem fit.
  • Change in rules, if any, will be highlighted on the website, and notified to the registered teams.
  • Gas powered engines are not allowed.
  • All controls should be electric.
  • Fabrication should be done by the team.
  • Use of ‘Single’ electric motor is only permitted.
  • Pilots must submit Government-authorised proof of identity.
  • No ready-made aircraft is allowed.
  • Metal blade propellers are not permitted.
  • Crash repair will be 200 sec. Two trials are allowed.
  • Winners will be decided based on the cumulative scores of both rounds.


  • A maximum of 3-4 members are allowed in a team.
  • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutions are eligible to participate.
  • At the most, 2 members of a team will be allowed for the machine control.
  • A team will be disqualified from the 1st round, if it fails to perform the mandatory manoeuvres.


All the participants need to submit a 3-page report of their aircraft/RC model. This report should contain the following data in A4 size paper in the following order:

  • Material used
  • Construction procedure
  • Drawing (In A3 size paper)
  • Release mechanism technique
  • Cost of the model


  • Participants have to submit a video of the working model, before the competition. This video will be used to shortlist teams for the competition. Only the shortlisted teams will be eligible to participate in the Fest. Once a team is shortlisted, the registration fee can be paid.
  • The video should be an unedited clip, at least 1 minute in duration, showing the aircraft taking off initially and taking a U-turn.
  • In the video, one of the participants from the team must demonstrate that he/she has decent flying skills, for safety reasons. The participants need to show their aircraft, the basic functions of their remote control, fly the aircraft with which they will be participating in the event, and demonstrate its launch/take off, flight and landing.
  • The clip should preferably be in AVI or MPEG format. If any other format is used, appropriate video plug-ins must be attached, to ensure that the organisers can run the video properly.



  • 1st Prize – Rs.7500/-
  • 2nd Prize – Rs.5000/-
  • 3rd Prize – Rs.3000/-


Ayesha Khan  7411337221
Anthony Samuel Prabu G 9790233468


Bhanupriya 7899069694
Anvita 8105816532

Registration Fee: Rs. 100 per head (Max. 4 members in a team)