Radio controlled multi-copter capable of manoeuvring through obstacles and performing a spot landing.


  • Obstacle race (Square box obstacle and Pole obstacle)
  • Time dependent


  • Low flying
  • Take off, Low altitude pass and Chamber Pass, Spot landing
  • The pilots are required to pass through all the gates kept as track markers, in the given order, to complete the course.


  • All pilots must adhere to the relevant regulations, as put forth by the local authorities responsible for unmanned flights.
  • Only Multi-rotors are permitted.
  • The Drone should fit in 6 sq. ft area.
  • Ready-To-Fly models are not permitted.
  • The model must be flown only in the designated airspace/event area, and altitude is limited to 6 metres approximately, for spectators’ safety and as per Academy of Model Aeronautics regulations.
  • Autonomous flying is not permitted.
  • The participating teams are responsible for their respective equipment, and organisers will not bear any responsibility for it.
  • All the testing must be done before the start of the event.
  • AC charging mains will be provided, but teams are advised to bring spare batteries, as the number of available ports is limited.
  • Only the participants whose turn it is to demonstrate their drones, are allowed to switch on their transmitters.
  • No other person, other than the organisers, volunteers and participating team members, is allowed to enter the event area when drones are flying.
  • Each team must comprise of no more than 4 members.
  • At more than 1 crash, the team will be disqualified.
  • Repair time will be 150 seconds after crash.
  • The winners will be decided by the panel of judges, and their decision is final.
  • Any form of non-compliance to the set rules will result in deduction of points or disqualification.


  • A maximum of 2-4 members are allowed in a team. Students from different educational institutions can also form a team and participate.
  • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutions are eligible to participate.
  • At the most, 2 members of a team will be allowed for the machine control.


All the participants need to submit a 3-page report of their Copter, containing the following data, in A4 size paper, in the following order:

  • Material used
  • Construction procedure
  • Drawing (In A3 size paper)
  • Technical specifications of the drone


  • Participants must submit a video of the working model before the competition. This video will be used to shortlist teams for the competition. Only shortlisted teams will be eligible to participate in the Fest. The registration fee may be paid, once a team is shortlisted.
  • The video should be an unedited clip, at least 1 minute in duration, showing the multi-rotor taking off, and performing basic movements like yawing, pitching and banking.
  • In the video, one of the participants from the team must demonstrate that he/she has decent flying skills, for safety reasons. The participants need to show their model, the basic functions of their remote control, fly the copter with which they will be participating in the event and demonstrate its launch/take off, flight and landing.
  • The clip should preferably be in AVI or MPEG format. If any other format is used, appropriate video plug-ins must be attached, to ensure that the organisers can run the video properly.



  • 1st Prize – Rs.7500/-
  • 2nd Prize – Rs.5000/-
  • 3rd Prize – Rs.3000/-


Ayesha Khan  7411337221
Anthony Samuel Prabu G 9790233468


Ashish 7760018645
Nikhil 9805156429

Registration Fee: Rs. 100 per head (Max. 4 members in a team)