February 7, 2022

Vijay power control systems, Bangalore


A one-day Industrial Visit to Vijay power control systems, Bangalore, was organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, on 31st December 2021, for the 7th semester students. 40 of our students visited the organization, accompanied by faculty members Dr. Hema Kumar Reddy and Ms. Renukamba J N.

Mr. Vijay, Senior Electrical Engineer, Transformer Design and Manufacturing, Vijay Power Control Systems, explained about the various types of transformers, such as core type and shell type transformer. One of the major differences between the core type and the shell type transformers is that in core type transformer, the winding encircles the core, whereas in shell type transformer, the core encircles the winding of the transformer. This organization is designing mainly the core type transformer. Laminated C.R.G.O (Cold-rolled grain-oriented sheet steel) is used to form the core, in order to avoid hysteresis losses and eddy loss in the core.

The students were able to understand about the manufacturing of limb done by arranging the various laminated sheets. Various types of connections for three-phase transformers – including Star-Star, Star-Delta and Delta-Delta – were demonstrated to the students by the personnel of Vijay Power Control Systems. Consequently, students are able to give connections for three-phase transformers. Students are also able to identify the phase angle between voltage and current, which is necessary for all three-phase connections, namely, the 12 ’o clock position and the 11 ’o clock position.

Outcome of the event:

  • Students understood the method of connecting three-phase winding in the core.
  • Students understood the way of curbing the losses in the transformer.
  • The visit helped students in attaining the program outcome.