September 13, 2019

A Report on Eikon Club Event ‘DRISHTIKON’


Date of the Event 06.09.2019
Title of the Event Drishtikon
Organized by Information Science and Engineering Department

The Department of Information Science and Engineering, organized a club activity entitled ‘DRISHTIKON’, on 06th September 2019, at Seminar Hall 6. The event started at 8:30 am and ended at 4:00 pm and was attended by 120 students from all the semesters of ISE.

The event comprised three rounds. 120 students participated in the first round, 20 Teams (2 students in each team) in the second round, and 10 Teams (each team with 2 students) in the third round.

First Round: iCodeQ

This round was a Quiz round, with a bunch of questions about Science and some interesting aptitude questions. Thirty tricky questions on technology and scientific innovations were given, and these had to be solved in 45 minutes. (Pen and Paper Round)

Second Round: Creato

The individuals who cleared the first round were eligible for this round. The participants needed to group themselves into teams of 2 students in each team, for this round.

Students were given a specific platform, to create a UI of their choice; along with that, the participants had to code for the given technical application based questions.

Third Round: EndGame

For this round, a link was forwarded to the participant’s mail ID. They had to open that link. This threw up a page containing tasks for the coders. The tasks were based on Google Documents – for example, Excel, Google Docs, Spreadsheets etc.

The students had to create a link to each of these Google forms, inside which specific tasks would be mentioned. Participants then had to complete all the tasks provided under Excel, Spreadsheets and Docs.

Finally, the codes developed by the teams were judged by the ISE faculty members, and the two best teams were awarded prize money and certificates.
The winners were the following students from the ISE Department –
Mr. Madhu Keshav Bhat (7th Semester – ISE)
Ms. Pragathi C (3rd semester – ISE)
The Runners-up were Mr. Prashanth Kumar (5th Semester – ISE) and Mr. Tejas Reddy (5th Semester – ISE). All the participants who qualified for the second round were felicitated with certificates.
Faculty Coordinator:
Prof. Priya K ( AP, ISE)

Student Coordinators:
1. Bhavani (5th Semester)
2. Syed Usman (5th Semester)
3. Tejashree (5th Semester)
4. Sameer (5th Semester)
5. Saurav (5th Semester)
6. Manoj (3rd Semester)
7. Zaid (3rd Semester)

Outcome of the Event:

 Through the brainstorm sessions of this event, the participants developed codes using their problem-solving and coding skills. This event gave a measure of the technical competence level of the participants.