Computing and Computer technology have become an inseparable part of our lives – in the vehicles we drive, the movies we watch, the mobiles we use, the machines we operate, in many of our interactions with the people around us. Computing plays an important role in advances and innovations in every field – medicine, travel, communication, education, engineering and businesses.

Computing guarantees lucrative careers and satisfying jobs – computing is here to stay, it’s never going to become obsolete, as the reliance of every industry on computing, is only increasing day by day. And having a degree in Computer Engineering will not only provide you with computing knowledge, but also aid in problem solving and logical thinking that will equip you to solve complex and challenging problems,giving you a competitive advantage in your career.

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Computer Engineering is a field that combines Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This course is for people who are interested in knowing how things work, and who wish to use that knowledge to create something. A Computer Science Engineer works in the real-time world, trying to apply the laws of Physics and Electronics to create computer components.

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A Sneak Peek into your Future

Computing is a field without boundaries or limitations – it’s impossible to predict what advancements and new technologies are going to come, in future! Hence, we can promise that as a qualified Computer Science Engineer, your life is never going to be dull – it’s going to be filled with challenges! Every day, new ideas are being explored, new tools are being developed, new questions are being asked and new answers are being found.

There are many different career options for Computer Engineers - in aerospace, life sciences, automotive, energy, water, medicine, telecommunication systems and devices, mobile devices, robotics etc. You can develop computer architecture systems and equipment, including circuit boards, routers and sensors. Or, if you prefer to develop software, you can make your mark in this field, too. Alternatively, you might move on from a conventional database management or IT job, and pursue data analytics or cryptocurrency positions. Other emerging fields employing Computer Science Engineers are the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) industries. The AI market is a booming one, which requires talented Computer Engineers to code computer programming and intelligent machines.

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You can go for higher studies, too. In your Masters, you can choose to specialize in a specific industry (such as aerospace, for example), or specialize in developing robotics, computer networks, projects and products, or wireless networks, or very large integration circuits.

Computer Science Engineers get deployed everywhere - from IT/Software companies to academic institutions, sales and marketing firms, factories, engineering firms, print media, wireless telecommunications companies, banks, pharma companies, armed forces and so on. You can getplaced in any sector -Medicine, Energy, Telecom, Railways, Metros, Broadcasting, Aviation or Manufacturing.The choices are unlimited and exciting!

Why a Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MVJCE?

The guiding principle at MVJCE is ‘Every student has enormous potential which can be tapped and pruned, to benefit society’. Hence, every student here, will be personally guided by Professors who hand-hold you, right from the moment you enter the College.Moreover,

  • MVJCE is one of the best colleges in Bangalore for Engineering courses.
  • It ranks 8th among the top Engineering colleges in Bangalore.
  • It is an autonomous institute,and hence offers a tailor-made program in Computer Science Engineering, with the ultimate goal of making every student industry-ready, at the end of 4 years of his study here.
  • It is approved and recognized by all the premier educational bodies in India like AICTE, UGC, NBA and NAAC, and is also affiliated to VTU.
  • It provides ample scope for ‘learning outside the classroom’ – the academic calendar is filled with Workshops, Seminars, Projects, Tech events, Guest lectures, Competitions and contests and Field trips.At such events, the students get to interact with the best in the Industry and Academia, and benefit from these interactions.
  • It boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure – modern classrooms, fully equipped labs, and a great ambiance set in 15acres of lush greenery.
  • It brings to you the valuable guidance of innovative and experienced educators who will prepare you for a successful career.
  • It offers a holistic CSE course – one that will empower you with all the in-demand skills.
  • It nurturesin students, an investigative, problem-solving mindset – a mindset that is required to write codes, work with computer architecture, or create new technology/solutions.
  • It helps you gain not only a scientific and logical understanding of cutting-edge topics but also develop the employability skills required for succeeding in the fast-paced, ever-evolving technology industry.
  • It enables a steady stream of projects where students can build and test software and hardware systems.
  • It offers the space and opportunity for both collaborative team work as well as individual effort, thus preparing you for the road ahead.
  • It whets your analytical skills, critical thinking, programming skills and knowledge in Web development, which are the most important skills for a Computer Science Engineer to possess.
  • And it will help you get an assured placement at the end of your 4-year study, as reputed companies visit MVJCE to recruit fresh talents.


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