The objective of Aerodynamic Laboratory is to make students understand the nature of flow past various models at different attitudes, and thereby providing a source for engineering testing and flow analysis.The nature of pressure distribution over various aerofoil and body shapes is explained. Experiment related to wake and boundary layer survey provide information on the momentum thickness and displacement thickness.

The Aerodynamics Laboratory houses a subsonic wind tunnel that is used to perform curriculum based experiments and research activities.The windtunnel test section has cross section of 600x600mm and length of test section is 2000mm. It has several related accessories like wake rake, pressure transducers, boundary layer rake and model support system etc.The lab has advanced equipment for R&D related activity; namely- three-componentinternal strain gage balance, six componentsexternal stain gauge balance, and hot wire constant temperature anemometer (HWCTA). Several advanced experiments related to estimation of stability derivatives of various configurations can be done using external strain gauge balance. Through HWCTA, the turbulence related experiments can be performed.

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