October 16, 2018

Eikon Club Event Report on ‘NIRMANA’


The Department of Information Science Engineering organized a club activity entitled ‘NIRMANA’, on 16th October 2018, at Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall. The event which started at 9:00 am and ended at 4:00 pm, was attended by 157 students from ISE and various other departments (CSE, ECE, EEE).

The event comprised of three rounds. 157 students participated in the first round, 20 teams (with 2 students in each team) in the second round, and 10 teams (with 2 students in each team) in the third round.

First Round: Ex-Quiz Me

It was a technical Quiz comprised of MCQs that included topics such as General Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Programming Snippets etc. Thirty MCQs in the above listed topics were given to the participants, to solve within 30 minutes. This round was open to all the participants.

Second round: High Tension

The students who cleared the first round went on to the second round – coding round – as a team of 2 members. The teams were given a set of 3 questions:

1st – Two algorithms / pseudo codes were provided, to implement in any programming language. (any one)

2nd – Two codes were provided, and the contestants were asked to modify and implement the same in any programming language. (any one)

3rd – A scenario-based question was provided, and the students were asked to code on the same.

Third Round: Apocalypto

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a game was provided, for the teams which qualified for the third round. The teams had to design the code to perform the specific task in the provided game. Only the logic behind the game was supposed to be coded. After completion of the code, all test cases had to be satisfied. (Participants were given the flexibility of using any programming language).

Finally, the codes developed by the teams were judged by the ISE faculty members and the two best teams were awarded prize money and certificates. The winners were students from CSE and ISE department – Mr. Saurav Mishra (5th semester – CSE) and Mr. Prashanth Kumar (3rd semester – ISE) and the runners-up were Mr. Shubham Mishra (5th semester – CSE) and Mr. Nishanth Shastry (3rd semester – ECE). All the participants who qualified for the second round were felicitated with certificates.

Faculty Coordinator:

  1. Priya K, AP – ISE


Student Coordinators:

  1. Abhishek Sehajpal (5th semester)
  2. Harshit Kumawat (5th semester)
  3. Raavi Kaushik (5th semester)
  4. Varnitha M V (5th semester)
  5. Dhruvkumar Vekariya (5th semester)
  6. Kevin Pius (5th semester)

The entire event was coordinated and scheduled at suitable timings by Event Co-coordinator Priya K, Assistant Professor – ISE, and student coordinators Abhishek, Harshit, Raavi, Varnitha, Dhruvkumar and Kevin (5th semester – ISE).

 Outcome of the Event:

 Through the brainstorm session of this event, participants were able to develop codes using their problem-solving and coding skills. This event gave a measure of the technical competence level of our students.