May 28, 2019

Workshop On Animation Tools


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MVJCE, in association with the Software Development Club, organized a one-day Workshop on ‘ANIMATION TOOLS’, on 13th May 2019. The main aim of the Workshop was to introduce students to the field of User Interface design in Computer Science, and give a hands-on session on Adobe XD. The Workshop motivated the students to utilize their creative ideas in the field of design.

The Workshop on ‘Animation Tools’ took place at CSE Lab 255, in the presence of Mrs. Manimozhi Iyer (Head of Department, CSE), Mrs. Sindhuja K (AP, CSE / SDC Coordinator) and Mrs. Deepa Acharya (AP, CSE).

The event began at 8:30 am. 32 participants took part in the Workshop. Following the Welcome address by Mrs. Manimozhi Iyer, there was a discussion on the significance of the Workshop.

The Resource Person for the Workshop was Mr. Rohith (6th Semester, CSE). Mr. Rohith is an entrepreneur, who has as start-up named ‘Maxcreepers’, a designing and digital agency.

The Workshop started with an introduction on the design tool Adobe XD. A discussion on the interest of the participants in the field of designing and developing interactive systems was mooted. The feedback of the participants was sought.

Mr. Rohith threw light on product design, UI/UX, Animation, graphic design and also on how to build a career in design field.

After the tea break, the session started with an activity. The participants were given a theme on designing a college newsletter, after a discussion on the photoshop basics that are needed to start any design. The participants learnt about design thinking, and how to apply design thinking in a given project. They were also encouraged on using their creativity, and add features to their design.

From 1.30 pm, the concept of text animation was handled. During this session, Adobe after effects and introduction on graphic design were taken up.

After discussing graphic design, a session on user interface design for an e-commerce website with Adobe XD, was conducted. The participants got hands-on experience in creating their user interface, giving them an opportunity to exhibit their creativity.


The Workshop was a good platform for the students to get hands-on experience in designing, and explore their creative skills. It was a forum for students to understand the importance of UI/UX design in the design industry.