Industrial Visit to Khanal Foods, Karnataka


Jun 01 2023 ,


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A group of 43 students pursuing 6th and 8th semester chemical engineering, along with two faculties visited Khannal Foods situated in Malur. Khannal Foods is a known food processing enterprise recognized for its superior food items and strict compliance with industry norms. The primary objective of the visit was to offer the students a hands-on experience in diverse facets of food processing, encompassing fumigation, food processing, food packaging, and quality assurance.

The commencement of the visit was accompanied by a comprehensive elucidation of the fumigation procedure. The significance of fumigation in guaranteeing the safety and quality of food products was explicated to the students. The students acquired knowledge regarding various fumigants and their respective techniques of application. The students had the opportunity to observe the fumigation process being executed, while also witnessing the personnel adhere to appropriate safety protocols and handling procedures.

Following the fumigation procedure, the students were escorted to the food processing facility. The participants were provided with a comprehensive introduction to the various phases encompassed in the food processing procedure, which encompassed the sanitation, categorization, and refinement of unprocessed materials. The students were afforded the chance to observe the machinery and equipment utilized in the processes of grinding, mixing, and cooking diverse food items. The significance of upholding hygiene and sanitation throughout the entire process was also imparted to them.

Subsequently, the students were escorted to the segment dedicated to food packaging. The participants were presented with a variety of packaging materials, including bottles, cans, pouches, and boxes, which were selected based on the specific product being packaged. A comprehensive explanation of the packaging process was provided, encompassing the labeling, sealing, and storage protocols. The students were provided with knowledge regarding the regulations related to packaging and quality control measures that are implemented to guarantee the safety and integrity of the product.

The concluding segment of the visit was centered on ensuring the quality of the product or service. The pupils were acquainted with the quality control laboratory, wherein they were presented with the diverse examinations and evaluations executed on food specimens to evaluate their caliber and security. The significance of performing microbiological, chemical, and sensory analyses to guarantee conformity with the prescribed criteria was comprehended by them. The students were provided with the chance to engage with the quality assurance team and inquire about quality control procedures.

In conclusion, the visit to Khannal Foods proved to be an informative experience for the students, as it facilitated a holistic comprehension of diverse facets of the food processing sector. The individuals acquired practical expertise pertaining to the areas of fumigation, food processing, food packaging, and quality assurance. The visit not only augmented their theoretical comprehension but also acquainted them with practical implementations of their academic discipline. In general, the experience was educative and enlightening, which is expected to have a positive impact on the students' future pursuits in the chemical engineering and food processing domain.

Industrial Visit to Khanal Foods, Karnataka

Faculty accompanied:

  • Dr. M. Venkata Ratnam, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Department
  • Prof. Lekshmi R Babu, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department