Founders' Day 2023


May 17 2023 ,


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The 96th birth anniversary of Dr. M. V. Jayaraman was celebrated on May 17th, 2023, at M.V Jayaraman Auditorium, MVJCE. Dr. Harirama Acharya, Head – Neuro Sciences Dept. Narayana Hrudayalaya Multi-speciality Hospital, Bangalore, graced the occasion as Chief Guest, with Dr. M. J Mohan, Secretary of Venkatesha Education Society and Chairman of MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital, honouring us as the Guest of Honour.

The event began with a prayer song, with Vidwan Aproova Anirudh on the Veena and Vidwan K. K. Bhanu Prakash on the Mridangam.

 Fouders' day 2023Vidwan Aproova Anirudh on the Veena, along with Vidwan K. K. Bhanu Prakash on the Mridangam

This was followed by a video presentation depicting the phenomenal life journey of our Founder, Dr. M. V. Jayaraman. The gathering reminisced on our beloved Founder’s glorious past, after which the dignitaries were welcomed on stage for the lamp lighting ceremony to pay obeisance to Mother Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.

 Fouders' day 2023Dignitaries lighting the Lamp

Dr. M. Brindha, Principal of MVJ College of Engineering, welcomed the dignitaries, faculty members, staff, students and proud parents to the celebration. She then presented a Report on the Institute, highlighting the significant events and student achievements, during the Academic Year 2021-2022.

 Fouders' day 2023Dr. M. Brindha, Principal - MVJ College of Engineering, delivering the Welcome Address and presenting the College Report

Following the Welcome Address and College Report, Ms. Krithi Vangala from Computer Science and Engineering Department presented deep insights into Dr. M. V. Jayaraman’s life, delving deep into the remarkable life and achievements of our Founder. At the end of the speech, every member of the audience certainly felt truly inspired and motivated by the values that our Founder stood for.

We then had our Chief Guest Dr. Harirama Acharya addressing the audience. In his speech, Dr. Harirama K Acharya elaborated on how Dr. M. V. Jayaraman’s noble work and philanthropy has illuminated the lives of countless number of people.

 Fouders' day 2023Chief Guest Dr. Harirama K Acharya addressing the Audience

Dr. Acharya proposed a success mantra for students, a mantra comprising 5 significant Ds: Desire, Decision, Determination, Discipline and Divine intervention. These 5 Ds must be complemented by Emotional Intelligence. He described Emotional Intelligence as the ability to empathize with people and modify one's behaviour, accordingly. Emotional Intelligence is the cornerstone of success. Being an excellent listener and inspiring people are the trademarks of Emotional Intelligence, and this is what any organisation looks for, in a person. Dr. Acharya also outlined the qualities of a great teacher, saying that a great teacher is someone who enjoys teaching, cares about his/her students, and encourages them.

After Dr. Acharya enlightened the audience with his words of wisdom, Dr. M. J. Mohan, Guest of Honour, began his talk. Dr. M. J. Mohan elaborated on how the legacy that was created by their father Dr. M. V. Jayaraman is being fostered and upheld, not only by his children, but by every person who is involved with the MVJ Group of Institutions. He commended Shri M. J. Balachander, Chairman – MVJ College of Engineering, for making their father’s dream of establishing a Medical (or Engineering?) College, come true.

 Fouders' day 2023Guest of Honour Dr. M. J. Mohan addressing the Gathering

The Chief Guest and our Guest of Honour were honoured with a Ponnaadai and memento, as a token of our regard and respect.

 Fouders' day 2023Chief Guest Dr. Harirama K Acharya honoured with a Ponnaadai and Memento
 Fouders' day 2023Chief Guest Dr. Harirama K Acharya honoured with a Ponnaadai and Memento

The next item on the programme was the much-awaited Award Distribution ceremony. The first set of awards were presented to the VTU Rank Holders for the academic year 2021 – 2022. We had 7 VTU Rank Holders, and Rs. 25,000/- was awarded to each of them.

 Fouders' day 2023Chief Guest Dr. Harirama K Acharya honoured with a Ponnaadai and Memento

The forenoon session concluded with Vote of Thanks by Ranen from Computer Science and Engineering Department and Shreya from Information Science and Engineering Department.

The afternoon session of the Founder’s Day celebration commenced at 02:45 pm. The Guest Speaker for the afternoon session was Sri Swami Sukhabodhanandha, a renowned spiritual master, an erudite motivational speaker, a vedic scholar and Spiritual Scientist with the moniker ‘Corporate Guru’. His core aim is to bring about transformation in every individual through clarity and understanding, rather than through irrational faith and blind following.

Swamiji spoke on how knowledge should not make us heavy in the head but should be used to inspire ourselves. He reiterated that one should be positive and optimistic and understand that if one door of opportunity closes, another opens.

Swamiji was honoured with a Ponnaadai and memento as a token of our gratitude and respect.

 Fouders' day 2023Guest Speaker Swami Sukhabodhanandha honoured with a Ponnaadai and Memento

The award distribution continued in the afternoon session, starting with the Vinay Deepak Memorial Award. Divi Pavan Sai, a student from Mechanical Engineering who graduated in 2022, was awarded the Vinay Deepak Memorial Award. He had secured a CGPA of 9. A cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- was awarded to him.

The next category of awards was the College Topper Award. Three students, Koushik A S (1MJ19AE054, IV year, Aeronautical Engineering), Amritasri Shenoy (1MJ20CS248, III year, Computer Science and Engineering), and Aishwarya B S (1MJ21IS006, II Year, Information Science and Engineering) were recognized as the College Toppers for the academic year 2021-22. These students were awarded a Cash Prize of Rs.5000, along with Certificates of Appreciation, for their outstanding results.

Following this, we had the Class Topper Awards. 23 students from all departments, from both UG and PG programmes, who have secured the highest CGPA in all the semesters of 3rd and 4th years, were recognized as Class Toppers. Each of these students was rewarded with Appreciation Certificates and Cash Prize of Rs.5000.

This year we also had a new Award - Best Outgoing Student. Ms. Bhumika M K (1MJ19AE023, IV year, Aeronautical Engineering) was chosen as the Best Outgoing Student for 2021-22, for her exceptional all-round performance in Academics (CGPA 9.51), Sports and Innovative Project, in the 8th Semester.

The next category of awards was for Sports achievements. Students were rewarded for their excellent performance in sports at State and National Levels, with Certificates of Appreciation. MVJCE Men’s and Women’s teams of Kho-Kho, Hockey, Handball and Athletics have participated in Zonal level competitions and secured prizes at the State Level, too. Six of our students were selected by VTU to represent VTU in the All India Inter University Championship.

 Fouders' day 2023
 Fouders' day 2023
 Fouders' day 2023
 Fouders' day 2023
 Fouders' day 2023
 Fouders' day 2023Award winners receiving the awards.

Awards were presented to Faculty members also, for notable contributions. Faculty members who have published papers in Scopus and Web of Science journals with a high impact factor listed in Quartile1 and Quartile2 of SCImago ranking were awarded. 5 faculty members were awarded under this category.

The results of our MVJ Pre University College students have also been outstanding in the recently concluded Pre University exams. Letters of Appreciation were presented to the faculty of MVJ PU College for their stellar role in producing these superlative results.

 Fouders' day 2023PUC College Faculty Members awarded Letters of Appreciation

The final segment of Founder’s Day celebration, 2023, was the Vote of Thanks. Ms. Krithi Vangala, Computer Science and Engineering student, thanked the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and everyone present at the event. The event concluded with the National Anthem.