PRAVEGA 2022 IISc. Bangalore

Sep 07, 2022

PRAVEGA 2022 was conducted by IISc. Bangalore, co–sponsored by Airbus, on 4th September, 2022. Three students from 3rd year, ECE Department, MVJCE whitefield engineering colleges Ankita, Ashok Bhargav P and Diya Roy participated in the event and secured the third place. Their project was based on ‘Metamaterial Inspired Antenna’, and guided by Dr. Utsab Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE.

The project detailed on the use of Metamaterials, in antenna design. The students were successful in achieving attractive radiation characteristics using the Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR) concept. The team designed the antenna, fabricated the prototype, and performed the antenna measurements, using the Microwave Lab setup in the ECE Department. The students sincerely acknowledge the guidance of their instructor Mr. Sathish, for all the support.

The team put up an impressive show, and secured the third position in this prestigious event. They are now willing and eager to take up this project endeavour to the next level, and they are motivated to make a mark in bigger events and platforms, in future. Visit MVJCE Whitefield engineering colleges in bangalore.

Programme Detail