About Control System Lab

In the control systems lab, students are exposed to the basics of control systems. The operation and characteristics of several control system components like compensators, controllers, error detectors etc. are studied and analyzed. Students get hands-on experience in understanding the functioning of a few control systems, including ac servomotor, dc servomotor, and synchro pair. The lab also enhances the coding skills of students. It enables them to analyze and understand the response of a system through hardware experiments and via simulation.

Practical's/experiments carried out in the laboratory

  1. Speed torque characteristics of (i) AC servo motor (ii) DC servo motor
  2. Synchro pair characteristics
  3. Determine frequency response of a second-order system
  4. Frequency response of a passive RC lead compensating network for the given specifications
  5. Frequency response of a passive RC lag compensating network for the given specifications

Perform the experiments using a standard simulation package

  1. Frequency response characteristics of the lag–lead compensator network and determine its transfer function.
  2. Simulate a typical second-order system and determine step response and evaluate time responsespecifications.
  3. Evaluate the effect of adding poles and zeros on the time response of the second order system.
  4. 4. Evaluate the effect of pole location on stability
  5. 5. Study a second-order system and verify the effect of (a) P, (b) PI, (c) PD and (d) PID controller on the step response.
  6. 6. Examine the open-loop frequency response, stability, and transient response. Compare with a close loop system

Along with mandatory experiments, students are advised to complete two open-ended experiments.

  1. The following are some suggestions for open-ended experiments.
  2. Simulate a D.C. Position control system and obtain its step response
  3. Simulate an AC Servomotor and study its stability.
  4. Simulate a DC Servomotor and study its stability.

Major equipments used in the lab

  • Second order system frequency response kit
  • AC and DC servomotortors
  • Synchro Transmitter Receiver Pair
  • Lag, lead and lag-lead compensating network kit
  • PID Controller tuning kit

Software used

  • MATLAB/Simulink

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