One-day-STTP-Student’s IOT Workshop


Jul 31 2023 ,


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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a One-day STTP –Student’s IOT Workshop, for 4th semester Computer science, AIML and CSD students, on 31st July 2023, at Dr. M V Jayaraman Auditorium. The Workshop was presided over by Dr. V Suresh Babu (Principal, MVJCE), Dr. M Brindha (Vice-Principal, MVJCE) and Dr. Kiran Babu T S (HOD of Computer Science and Engineering). Ms. Monika Jain was the Guest Speaker for the Workshop. The workshop was conducted in two sessions. In the forenoon session, students were introduced to the world of IOT. In the Afternoon session, students were given a Hands-on experience on few IOT projects.

About the Speaker

Ms. Monika Jain is an astute and result oriented professional with over 6+ years in delivering training on various programs, modifying, maintaining and developing desktop and web applications. She is skilled in SQL and has experience with BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI and also versatile in adapting and grasping new technologies and implementing them in an effective manner. She is proficient in collaborating, interacting with team members or training individuals of various age groups.

A Brief Account of the Session

The day started with an invocation song by Mr. Panyam Sri Varun Adithya, 4th semester CSE student, which was followed by a welcome address. The welcome address was given by Dr. Kiran Babu T S, HOD of CS. He stated the necessity of the workshop and stressed on, how improving these skills will benefit the students in their projects in higher semesters. He also stressed that the Workshop's goal was to give the students an idea about the implementation of IOT in their projects in their upcoming higher semesters. Ms. Bhoomika, 4th semester CSE student, introduced the guest to the gathering. The Guest Speaker Mrs. Monika Jain started the Workshop. The session was hosted by Mr. Ranen Gabriel Jacob, student of 4th semester, CSE.

One-day-STTP-Student’s IOT WorkshopDr. Kiran Babu T S, HOD of Computer Science Engineering welcoming the speaker and audience to the workshop.
One-day-STTP-Student’s IOT WorkshopMr. Ranen Gabriel Jacob hosting the event
One-day-STTP-Student’s IOT WorkshopMr. Panyam Sri Varun Adithya, singing the invocation song
One-day-STTP-Student’s IOT WorkshopMs.Monika Jain, our guest addressing the students during the workshop

The first session was conducted from 10.00 am to 12.30pm. The students were educated about IOT, the IOT lifecycle, building blocks, and the projected market share of IOT apps which provide us with a clear understanding of how the technology functions and its potential impact on individual lives. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of IoT in daily life of an individual and how it can benefit organization in terms of efficiency, cost saving, and revenue generation.

The second hands-on training session was conducted from 1.30pm to 3.30pm which was monitored by Ms. Monica Jain. Some of the Integrated softwares useful to work on IoT project were introduced.

Some of the projects which were explained are

  • LED Blink
  • Traffic Light Design
  • Street light design
  • Automatic curtain System

This work using Blynk App which is used for integrated device Interface. Students were asked to use the WOKWI website which is a simulation software which helps the students a lot in understanding the actual working of the projects.

Outcome of the Event

The Workshop's goal is to give the students an idea about the implementation of IOT in mini as well as major projects in their upcoming higher semesters

The simulation software introduced will help the students to experience the real life working of each and every component. The session ended with the a great learning and experience which will help students in their final year projects.

Chief Co-Ordinator

Mrs. Susmitha M N
Assistant Professor
Electronics and Communication Engineering

Chief Co-Ordinator

Mrs. Nikitha G S
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering