One-day Workshop on IPR & IP Management for Start-ups


Jan 06 2023 ,


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The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a One-day Workshop on IPR & IP Management for Start-ups, for the 3rd, 5th, and 7th semester students of the ECE and CSE departments, on 6th January, 2023. The event was held at Dr. M V Jayaraman Auditorium. The Expert Speaker was Dr. Rama Krishnamurthy, Founder of Ibha IP Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. The main objective of this Workshop was to motivate students to understand the importance of IPR, and educate them about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), i.e. Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Geographical Indications, and Copyrights. The Workshop was organized to make students understand the process of filing patents and motivate them to file maximum number of patents, as this will provide weightage to their innovative projects.

The event started with the arrival of the honorable Chief Guest Dr. Rama Krishnamurthy, Dr. P. Mahabaleswarappa (Principal, MVJCE), Dr. M. Brindha (Vice-Principal, MVJCE) and Heads of all the Engineering Departments.

The event started at 10:00 am with a welcome speech and introduction of the Guest, following which our Principal addressed the gathering.

Profile of the Speaker

  • Dr. Rama Krishnamurthy is the Founder of the Intellectual Property Law firm, Ibha IP Solutions, offering services in the domains of Patent, Trademark and Design Registrations.
  • She is a Chemist and Intellectual Property Attorney with over 12 years experience in various platforms of Intellectual Property Rights, identifying appropriate Intellectual Property and the nature of protection for an innovation that is beneficial to the innovators.
  • She is an Intellectual Property Consultant for innovators to orient research and innovations eligible for Intellectual Property Protection.
  • She is an Attorney for Patent, Design and Trademark Registrations, as a Registered Indian Patent Agent and Trade Mark Agent.
  • She engages herself in Patent search, Drafting, Filing, Processing of Indian Patent applications and International Patent applications, including PCT applications and National Phase Applications for industries, R&D institutions and individual innovators.
  • She is involved in offering Freedom to Operate opinions, Technical landscape reports.
  • She specializes in Filing, Prosecution of Design Registrations.
  • She guides innovators in filing Trademark applications.
  • She is an IP Consultant for drafting Intellectual Property Policy of R&D organization – Center for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences.

Session Details:

1st session: In the introductory session, Dr. Rama Krishnamurthy gave a detailed talk on Intellectual Properties, Intellectual Property laws and their clauses. In this session, the students were taught about Intellectual Property Rights and their principles. The Speaker equipped them with a lot of information on how to use this knowledge to proceed forward with a startup company. They learnt how to use Intellectual Property laws in case of any injustice, and the legal options available in the Indian judicial system.

2nd session: In this session, Dr. Rama Krishnamurthy dealt at length with Intellectual Properties like Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Design, Trade Secret etc. She explained the difference between these, the validity for each right, judicial laws available under each right, and the limitations of each right.

The major outcomes of the event:

  • The students understood that awareness about Intellectual Property (IP) is an important skillset in today’s increasingly dynamic, information-based economy.
  • They gained a thorough awareness on IP. The domain of IP is especially very important in academic institutions where many of society’s brightest minds first learn about and begin practicing innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • They became familiar with all the IPR terminology, innovative ideas, types of patent applications etc.