May 30, 2019

Guest Lecture on “CLOUD COMPUTING”


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), MVJCE, organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Cloud Computing’, on 27th April 2019, in Seminar Hall 6. The purpose of this Guest Lecture was to familiarize students with the upcoming area of Cloud Computing and its applications.

The Guest Speaker was Mr. Dilip Gundala (Senior Solutions Manager, Unisys India Pvt. Ltd.). He has more than 15 years of experience in the IT field.

The students (4th semester – CSE) and faculty members assembled by 10.00 am at the Seminar Hall. The Guest Speaker Mr. Dilip Gundala and Prof. I Manimozhi (HoD – CSE) were welcomed on to the dais. The event started with a welcome speech by Prof. Vinay (AP – CSE). A brief introduction about the Guest Speaker was given. There were about 100 students awaiting the guest lecture.

Mr. Dilip Gundala started his lecture by giving an introduction to Cloud Computing and its basic concepts. He then spoke about the importance of Cloud Computing in the IT field. He elaborated on the different models of Cloud. He also gave a demo to the students about how a Cloud can be setup using the Microsoft Azure Platform. The students actively participated in the event by interacting with Mr. Dilip Gundala and asking interesting questions on Cloud Computing. The Lecture concluded at 12.00 noon, with a vote of thanks by Prof. Vinay.

Outcome of the Event

The participants understood the concepts in Cloud Computing, its advantages, applications and challenges. They were also were familiarized with Microsoft Azure Platform for setting up the Cloud environment. The Guest Lecture aimed to bridge the gap between study materials and practical exposure – and the students benefitted from the PO’s Engineering Knowledge, Problem Analysis, Design/Development of solutions, Modern Tool Usage and Life Long Learning.