May 4, 2016



MVJ college of Engineering had organised “Swayam 2016”, an annual cultural fiesta on 4th and 5th May, 2016 in the campus. The varieties of events were conducted and events were successfully completed with students registering for it from more 25 colleges across Bangalore. The details and winners of the events as follows:

1. Just Dance

Dance which has the ability to satisfy everyone’s visual, musical and emotional feeling was performed by our talented students. A variety of dance performances were displayed that ranged from classical, semi classical to bollywood. The audiences were completely spellbound by the dance performances. Results:- Winners: Suraj S – Christ University Runners – up: Prashant – MSIT

2. Battle of bands

This is an event which draws the attention of the present youth who head bang and jump to the enthralling music created by the bands. It was a tough competition with all the teams participating with their strings and the drums beating for more than half an hour of performance on the stage. The judges had a tough time to make a decision. Results:- Winners: Team Space is all we have from NASA Institute Runners – up: We’ll decide on Wed from Sir MVIT

3. Framed Perception

“A picture can convey innumerable thoughts in an effective way”. Have a camera? An eye to look at things from a broader perspective? Then this is the event exclusively for those talented people. The participants were given the theme on the spot and under a time schedule were expected to portray detailed, impressive and clarified pictures. There were many beautiful work of photography, but only the best made it to the end. Results:- Winners: David – New Horizon College of Engineering Runners – up: Sharath Chandra B. S –Sea College of Engineering

4. Counter strike(Gaming)

This multiplayer event was basically for gaming geeks. The event consists of teams called the counters and the terrorists, where the gaming skills along with the eye and hand coordination of the participant are tested. Results:- Winners: Arvind and team – Indian Academy Runners – up: Chandan M.S and team – MVJCE

5. Group Dance-(Gaming)

Dance in most gracious way of expressing and conveying the thoughts and ideas across to the crowd. This was very successfully achieved by all the teams who participated in this event and many genres were experimented by them. As the event concluded everyone was left mesmerized. Amidst the stiff competition only the best team won. Results:- Winners: Team Aayana from Christ University Runners –up:Team Aahan from REVA Institute of Technology

6. Director’s cut-

This event is for students who make short films based on social truth; the film should convey a strong message. The judges look for creativity and the way movie has been presented. Results:- Winners: Satyogi and team from MVJCE. Runners –up:Kiran Kumar and team from RNSIT

7. Voice of Swayam

Music connects our souls together; a good singer is the one whose voice touches our heart. This event saw a variety of music ranging from western, bollywood to classical singing .There were beautiful performances given by the students and audience completely enjoyed it. Results:- Winner: Avishek Mridha from MVJCE Runner –up:Harikrishan from MVJCE

8. Kick off

This event is meant for the football loving students. Here the goalkeeper is not supposed to use hands and that was the challenging part of this event. This event went on for two days and the audience completely enjoyed it. The audience cheered for the teams and enjoyed the event. Results:- Winners: Team Malbaris, AMC Runners –up: David and team, New Horizon

9. Gully Cricket

This event was for the cricket lovers and as the cricket season is going on ,we had a lot of teams turning up for the event . Results:- Winners :Syed Afridi &team, MVJCE Runners : Abhishek Patil and team, MVJCE