April 27, 2017

SWAYAM 2017-A National Level Cultural Event for the Students


CSIR Sponsored 5th National Conference on Design Innovation of 3C’s “Compute-Communicate- Control” was held at MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering on 26th& 27thapril, 2017. This conference was  Sponsored by CSIR & technically co-sponsored by IETE.

The conference was presided by the Chief Guest Prof.C. Murali, Vice-president & co – chairman, academic committee member IETE New Delhi, Guest of Honor Mr. Vinay Avanchi, Founder and Director of Industriconnect technologies Pvt. Ltd, Mr. M.Sukumaran, Principal Consultant of Industriconnect technologies Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Nitin K Dhiman Scientist, Center of AI & Robotics, DRDO, Bangalore, with Dr N. Gunasekaran, Principal, MVJCE, and Prof.M. Brindha Vice- principal, MVJCE.

Dr. Payal Verma, Professor ECE presented the welcome address for the gathering. Dr. N. Gunasekaran, Principal MVJCE addressed the participants about the importance of Compute-Communicate- Control to have the design engineers tuned for tomorrow.Prof. M. Brindha Vice Principal, MVJCE addressed the participants about the recent trends of big data.

Department of ECE conferral the students’ enrollment fee to Prof C.Murali, President and Co-chairman of IETE, Bangalore chapter.

The conference proceedings were released by the dignitaries.

The keynote speakers addressed on the challenges of IoT and Automation by Mr. VinayAvanchi, Mr. M.Sukumaran &Mr. Nitin K Dhiman.

Around 180 papers were presented in the conference. The two day conference provided a platform for researchers, faculty members and students from various institutes nationwide to share their ideas, experiences and views, which inspired many new practicable ideas among the audience. The discussions targeted many of the common concerns in the area of 3 C’s Compute-Communicate- Control. The participants had a good learning experience from this common forum.

We received good feedback from our delegates and chair person. Prof C. Murali, appreciated this event by his words;”Conference helps researchers and students to improve their technical skills and also helps them to do their project works in a better manner”. Mr. M. Sukumaran also appreciated the efforts of the department for organizing the event. Mr. Vinay Avanchi acknowledged the paper quality and the interest shown by the delegates in presenting the paper.

Department collected the feedbacks from participants, delegates, chairperson. All their views and wishes will be a continual improvement in our future success.