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  • Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
  • Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA)
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The sky IS NOT the limit! Whoever coined this phrase, ‘The Sky is the Limit’,wouldn’t have thought about Aerospace Engineering! Human beings have always been curious about flying. We often wonder what’s beyond the earth’s atmosphere, don’t we? Aerospace Engineering is the career for those who wish to get involved in designing, building, testing, operatingand maintaining airplanes, spacecrafts, satellites and missiles, for exploring the skies and outer space. If your career goals include creating innovative technologies that will take man one step further in his journey to outer space. You might want to consider a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Are you looking for Aerospace Engineering Colleges in Bangalore?

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A Sneak Peek into your Future

Today, more and more projects related to the exploration of space and the solar system are emerging. Moreover, the field is constantly growing in scope and size, as newer technologies come into play. Aerospace Engineering is a niche branch of Engineering – not many people choose this discipline, and so, going by the demand-and-supply principle, Aerospace Engineers are much in demand and the average salary for an Aerospace Engineer is quite high.

We are already experiencing a boom in the exploration of space and the innovation of more and more aircrafts, rockets and spacecrafts and the field is only going to proceed in an upward trajectory in future. Countries are competing with one another to discover new technologies that can be applied in the Aerospace field. Hence, this field will continue to produce more and more jobs and career opportunities. So, it’s a great time to take up this course.

Many space agencies, some even in the private sector, are planning interplanetary explorations. Aerospace Engineers can find roles in Aviation transportation in both Civil and Defence sectors, orin designing drones, payloads, rockets and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Some of the roles that are available in the Aerospace industry are Analysis, Design, Materials and Processes, Systems Engineering, Software development, Manufacturing, Flight research and Field service.

Why an Aerospace Engineering Degree from MVJCE?

At MVJCE, the guiding principle is ‘Every student is special, and is blessed with potential that is waiting to be tapped’. Every student will be personally guided by Professors who hand-hold you, right from the moment you enter the College.And here are more reasons for you to choose MVJCE for your Engineering studies:

  • MVJCE is one of the best colleges in Bangalore for Engineering courses, ranking 8th among the top Engineering colleges in Bangalore.
  • It is an autonomous institute which offers a tailor-made program in Aerospace Engineering, to make every student industry-ready, at the end of 4 years.
  • It is approved and recognized by all the premier educational bodies in India like AICTE, UGC, NBA and NAAC, and is also affiliated to VTU.
  • It offers ample scope for ‘learning outside the classroom’ – the academic calendar is abuzz with Workshops, Seminars, Projects, Tech events, Guest lectures, Competitions and contests and Field trips, where the students get to interact with the best in the Industry and Academia, and benefit from these interactions.
  • It boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure – modern classrooms, fully equipped labs and a great ambience set in 15acres of lush greenery.
  • It has well-qualified faculty who have decades of experience in teaching.
  • Well,It has a curriculum that prepares you for real-world situations and problems, with a strong foundation in Math, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials science.Any Engineering course involves a multi-disciplinary course load. Physics is important, in the Aerospace Engineering course, as all flying machines are governed by the laws of motion, energy and force. Aircrafts and spacecrafts need be lightweight and at the same time withstand tremendous amount of pressure and temperature variations. Hence, knowledge of Materials science is also important. The curriculum at MVJCE gives due weightage to these aspects.
  • It provides the students a sound foundation in the fundamentals of aerodynamics, flight dynamics, propulsion, radar cross-section, fluid mechanics, statics, dynamics, structural mechanics and navigation and flight control.
  • It boasts of labs where the practical skills of the students are honed. So that they envisage and understand the problems and design challenges of tomorrow, based on real-world Aerospace industry needs.
  • It gives students hands-on experience and motivates them to pursue successful and exciting careers in the Aerospace field.
  • It focuses not only on academic fundamentals and Engineering practices but also on team work and communication, as Aerospace Engineering projects require that Engineers work as a team.


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