Guest Lecture on E-Waste Management-Issues and Challenges

The Department of Chemical Engineering, MVJCE has conducted a Guest Lecture on E-Waste Management-Issues and Challenges on 06-03-2024. Students of III, V and VIII semester have attended the Session. The resource person for this Guest lecture was Mr. Ramesh Kumar BN, Chief Environmental Officer (Rtd), KSPCB. The Session was highly informative and engaging that aimed to address the critical issues and challenges associated with the management of electronic waste. The lecture provided valuable insights into the environmental, social, and economic aspects of e-waste, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in its proper disposal and recycling. The session focused on how effective management of electronic waste is linked to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Goal 3 (Good health and Well-being), Sustainable environment (SDGs 6, 11, 12). The session was followed by question and answer session, allowing participants to engage directly with the expert. The participants had the opportunity to seek clarifications, share insights, and explore potential solutions to the challenges discussed.