Tensor Club Activity – Tensor Techbytes

Around 320 students from all the Departments participated in the event.

The Tensor  Club of MVJCE was proud to host this event for all the students. The event ‘TENSOR TECHBYTES ‘  was an event consisting of 2 rounds which was conducted  as a team of two participants (minimum)  to four participants(maximum)   in both round 1  and  round 2. Both the rounds of the event were conducted on 11th March 2023. Round 1 was conducted  in the MVJ Auditorium  with about  320 participants. Around 15 top scoring teams were selected to participate in Round 2.  Round 2 was conducted in the computer lab 261 of Computer Science and Engineering Department. The event started at 10:00 am and ended at 1:10 pm. Mr. Supreeth BS, Senior Frontend Develop was the judge for  the event. The event Tensor Techbytes was  coordinated by faculty  event coordinator Mr. Syed Musadiq Illahi. Around 320 students from all the Departments participated in the event.

Round 1 (Qualifying Round): 

In this round, teams were given access to an online Quiz which consisted of 30 questions on covering on hot topics and latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The quiz was a time based and was given 25 minutes to solve.  Each team had minimum of two and maximum of four participants in a group. had to decrypt the password and solve the problem statement toqualify to the second round.

All the students participating were enthusiastic about completing Round 1 in the stipulated time. This round tested the awareness of participants related to AI and ML, their problem solving and critical thinking abilities. The event co-ordinators and the student co-ordinators started the event exactly at 10:00 am and the time duration for Round 1 was only 25-30 minutes. Round 1 was completed at around 10:35 am, with the results being announced. 15 teams qualified to the second round.

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