Design Thinking for Social Impact – Solving Real-World Problems


As one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore, MVJCE (MV Jayaraman College of Engineering) has always been committed to fostering innovation, excellence, and social impact. In this blog, we will explore how MVJCE’s engineering students and faculty members harness the power of design thinking to address real-world problems, and create meaningful solutions. With the focus on social impact, MVJCE stands as a leading institution that prepares engineers who can make a positive difference in society.

1. Design Thinking: a Problem-Solving Approach:

At MVJCE, design thinking is ingrained into the fabric of the curriculum and the mindset of its students. Design thinking is an iterative and empathetic problem-solving approach that encourages engineers to understand the needs of the end-users and develop innovative solutions. MVJCE recognizes the importance of equipping engineers with design thinking skills, empowering them to tackle complex challenges, with creativity, empathy, and a human-centered approach.

2. Solving Real-World Problems:

One of the best B.E colleges in Bangalore, MVJCE encourages its students to apply their engineering knowledge and design thinking skills to solve real-world problems, creating social impact. Whether it’s addressing environmental sustainability, healthcare challenges, or social inequality, MVJCE students take on projects that have the potential to bring about positive change. The college provides the necessary resources, mentorship and support, to transform ideas into tangible solutions.

3. Collaborative Projects and Community Engagement:

MVJCE stimulates a collaborative environment where students work together on interdisciplinary projects, and engage with local communities. The college encourages students to identify social issues, collaborate with stakeholders, and co-create solutions that address the needs of the community. This hands-on approach not only enhances the technical skills of the students but also develops their ability to work effectively in diverse teams, and understand the social context of their work.

4. Industry Partnerships and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

MVJCE leverages its strong industry partnerships and entrepreneurial ecosystem to support students in implementing their design thinking projects. The college collaborates with industry experts, NGOs and social enterprises, to support students with mentorship, guidance and real-world insights. MVJCE’s focus on entrepreneurship empowers students to transform their ideas into viable ventures, contributing both to social impact as well as economic growth.

5. Alumni Impact and Success Stories:

MVJCE takes pride in its alumni who have made significant contributions to society through their design thinking initiatives. From developing affordable healthcare solutions to implementing sustainable energy practices, MVJCE alumni showcase the impact of their engineering education and design thinking mindset. Their success stories inspire current students, and also reinforce the commitment of the college to create engineers who make a difference.


MVJCE, one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore, is at the forefront of promoting design thinking for social impact. Through its curriculum, collaborative projects, community engagement, industry partnerships and alumni impact, MVJCE grooms engineers who can tackle real-world challenges with empathy, creativity and innovation. By harnessing the power of design thinking, MVJCE is shaping a new generation of engineers who are passionate about creating a positive social change. When you choose MVJCE for your engineering education, you are joining a community dedicated to solving real-world problems and making a lasting impact on society.