February 9, 2023

Graduate Student Research


Deciding on a graduate school and programme is a tough decision to take. This next step in your education journey demands a commitment to yourself and your future.

A graduate school not only exposes you to different types of knowledge, specialized training, and education but also brings you into contact with a variety of people who share a common vision while approaching tasks from different perspectives.

Since going to graduate school is a huge commitment, you would want to ensure that you choose the right programme — one that aligns both with your career goals as well as your personal goals. So, if you are thinking about applying to graduate school, here are some helpful tips for choosing from the best autonomous colleges in Bangalore.

How to choose the right College?
  • Prepare a spreadsheet or a summary sheet: By creating a spreadsheet, you will be able to organize, and gain more clarity on all the information that you will require during your search process. You can tailor your research based on factors such as class size, course structure, part-time or full-time, affiliations, or overseas tie-ups.
  • Begin your Search: Reach out directly to the colleges that you have shortlisted. Subscribe to their newsletters and read about their programmes. You can also connect with the enrolment coaches of these colleges, enquire if the course and programme offered by them suit your goals, and understand how exactly the institution can help you meet them.
  • Comparative analysis: Once you have listed the colleges that suit your goals, do a comparative study of these colleges. Evaluate your budget, see if the programme offers a hands-on learning experience and internships, and then weed out the colleges and programmes that you think do not meet your requirements.
  • In-depth analysis: Once you have conducted the comparative analysis, it’s time for detailed exploration. Here, you look for something that sets a particular college/programme apart from all others. You can also go through the placement records of the institution. As an added advantage, this detailed exploration can help craft a statement of purpose while in a specific college.
Shape your Career with the best

Choosing a graduate school that's the right fit for you means enrolling in a programme, and in a place, where you will be happy during the next two to seven years of your life while completing your advanced degree. From a diligent faculty team to the location, fee structure, and facilities, there are several variables that go into the equation of the right choice.

MVJ College of Engineering presents a wide array of professional courses, backed by four decades of expertise and excellence. With its strong core curriculum and talented faculty, MVJCE offers the best engineering courses in Bangalore and an administration that is always responsive and accommodating.

Ranked among the top engineering colleges in Bangalore the programmes available at the college are heavily invested in the development of the student’s technical and analytical skills. At MVJ College of Engineering, not only are students surrounded by outstanding faculty, but also by classmates from the most prestigious tiers of their respective specialities.

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