Importance of Machine Learning in the World of Data Science

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Jan 17, 2023

Machine learning (ML) is that area of Data Science that focuses on analysing and interpreting data patterns, to enable better learning, responsiveness, and decision-making, outside of human interaction. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows you to feed the computer algorithm a substantial amount of data, making data-driven recommendations and improving its future decisions. Thus, an Engineering degree in Artificial Intelligence encompasses a wide range of subjects and techniques.

Significance of Machine Learning

Undoubtedly, Data serves as the lifeline for all businesses, considering the increasing demand for data-driven decisions. Machine Learning is the key to unlocking valuable company and customer data, and a person with a B Tech in Artificial Intelligence is sure to keep the business ahead in the competitive arena. Moreover, by creating precise models, the business will have a better chance of finding profitable opportunities and avoiding unnecessary risks. Machine Learning is a constantly developing field, and infinite technologies are consistently added to the domain. From data extraction to interpretation, Machine Learning serves unlimited uses.

Role of Machine Learning in Data Science

Machine Learning and Data Science are interlinked and exist in coherence. Machine Learning relies on data, and data depends on Machine Learning for more information. This prediction of collected data is completed by developing algorithms to produce the desired output. Then, Data Scientists evaluate statistical models, build predictive algorithms, test and improve models efficiently, utilise data visualisation, garner insights, and communicate the data findings to the business.

This is why Machine Learning in Data Science deals with the origin of data as a valuable resource, helping enterprises and businesses gain new markets, increase business efficiency and improve revenue growth.

Practical Applications of Machine Learning Technology

Machine Learning has revolutionised the face of various industries through Data Science. From taking intelligent decisions to augmenting the business, here are some of the most popular applications of Machine Learning in Data Science.

  • Real-Time Navigation
    Google Maps is one of the common examples of real-time applications. The data received from people (live location, vehicle used, etc.) is used in the service, along with the stored database of historical traffic data. Every individual using the data is actually contributing to the accuracy and efficiency of the app.
  • Product Recommendation
    Product recommendation is another profound example of Machine Learning that plays a critical role in the e-commerce and entertainment industry, like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. These apps use Machine Learning algorithms from the collected data, to recommend popular movies and best-selling products which may suit your interest.
  • Speech Recognition
    Speech Recognition is the process where your device initiates actions on the orders of your voice. Translating spoken words into texts is also a part of Speech Recognition. This text can be in various forms, including words, syllables, characters, etc. Some examples of these Speech Recognition apps are Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.
  • Fraud Detection Machine Learning is also used in fraud detection, especially by banks and other financial institutions, to keep their customers’ money and data safe. The modules are built and trained to flag suspicious transactions, depending on the given features and patterns. It ensures the complete protection of consumers in both banks and other private enterprises.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, Machine Learning is integrated with all aspects of Data Science projects. The Data Science domain cannot flourish without intuitive and automotive solutions derived from Machine Learning algorithms. This makes Machine Learning, an integral part of the Artificial Intelligence course, one of the exceptional skills that every Data Scientist must possess.

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