Jobs available to you, with an Engineering degree in Electrical Sciences

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Oct 12, 2022

Are you thinking of pursuing an engineering degree in electrical science from one of the best private engineering colleges in Bangalore? With the advent of the technological boom, engineers are in great demand. So, going wrong with this degree choice is impossible, but it is important to underscore a tracking plan to build a successful career path out of it. This article discusses some of the most exciting jobs you can opt for after acquiring this degree.

Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer, you get to make optimum use of your skills and knowledge. The job roles and responsibilities involve designing electrical equipment, with special attention to its development and manufacturing. The components of the equipment you manufacture must also match the specifications required to achieve quality performance. This equipment could be useful to diverse sectors, including power distribution, transportation networks, manufacturing, etc. In this job position, you can expect a monthly salary ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000. Many top-ranked engineering colleges in Bangalore offer placements, and post-degree completion.

Telecommunications Engineer

The globe is shrinking with increased network connectivity and wider reach. In times like these, telecommunications engineers are raring to meet the varied needs of this field. It involves expertise in establishing communication networks and ensuring that data gets transmitted via established wireless and wired communication. As a telecom engineer, one can work in different fields like the internet, optical fibre, television, etc. Your monthly salary may vary from Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000. Many good engineering colleges in Bangalore offer B.Tech courses, including Electrical Engineering.

Instrumentation Engineer

If working with machinery and mechanical equipment excites you, then you can consider Instrumentation Engineer as a prospective job in which you might be interested. The primary responsibilities involve monitoring, installing, and controlling devices. As an Instrumentation Engineer, one must comprehend the project requirements precisely and then furnish the needs with accurate hardware designs. As an Instrumentation Engineer, you can get around Rs 55,000. Taking engineering admission in Bangalore is a great decision if you wish to become an Instrumentation Engineer and gain hands-on experience in the field.

Micro Electrical Engineer

Microchips are developed by Micro Electrical Engineers. As a Micro Electrical Engineer, one is expected to indulge in developing and creating micro electrical components, which are majorly used in making instruments like information technology and aeronautical gadgets. The detailed knowledge of this field makes one proficient in designing, manufacturing, developing, planning, and organising these micro components. The average monthly salary for this job role is Rs 35,000.

Automobile Engineer

With a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from a good engineering college in Bangalore, one can even consider building a career as an automobile engineer. Leading automobile firms keep looking for capable engineers who can create and test systems like seat safety, air conditioning, and many more. Salary for Automobile Engineers may vary from Rs 30, 000 to Rs 70, 000, monthly. This list would have helped you with a range of career choices you can consider after pursuing an engineering degree in electrical science. Apart from these five job roles, job roles like that of a naval engineer, technical writer, and medical engineer are a few other prospective career paths you can choose. As a student, after enrolling in the best BTech college in Bangalore, your primary focus must be on building your skills and knowledge. Acquiring a job in any industry becomes easier with the right skill set. MVJ College of Engineering established in 1982, is one of the best private engineering colleges in Bangalore, India. A wide range of courses are offered in MVJ College of Engineering at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Specialisations in Basic Sciences, Computer Science, Electrical Science, and Mechanical Science are also offered. Additionally, you can even consider doing an MBA from here. MVJ College of Engineering could be your ideal choice to pursue your engineering degree as it offers the best engineering courses in Bangalore.

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