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Jan 02, 2023

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing is currently in high demand among students and businesses. Giving students an in-depth understanding of marketing as a functional area of business can aid them as professionals, in enhancing their career options. MBA in Marketing confers on the student the capabilities and information that are necessary to launch a firm or guarantee the efficiency of an already established one. For some management or leadership positions, many employers expressly demand a person with an MBA in Marketing. An MBA degree in Marketing secured from one of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore like MVJCE teaches you how to use a variety of important marketing principles in practical situations.

What are the Benefits of an MBA in Marketing?

Any company must use sound marketing strategies to succeed - many would not make it even beyond the first year, without marketing. Hence, marketing personnel are indispensable to every organization. By pursuing an MBA in Marketing, you can gain insights into consumer trends and market behaviour. You will learn how to create strategies to achieve organisational goals. With an MBA degree in Marketing from a reputed college in Bangalore, you can pursue careers in Advertising, Banking, FMCG, Tourism, Retail, Consulting and many more. Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Brand Manager, Product Manager and Media Planning Manager are some of the popular roles that an MBA in Marketing can see oneself in. You'll acquire an aptitude for invention and an innate sense of the future, as a marketer. You will converse with technology while learning the value of goodwill from a commercial perspective. The two-year post-graduate MBA programme will arm you with fundamental business skills and hands-on training if you study at one of the best colleges in Bangalore. Management study is one of the oldest fields, and an MBA course in Marketing would include the following topics:

  • Marketing administration
  • Strategy for consumer and brand insight
  • Operations administration
  • Modelling, forecasting and marketing plan
  • Social media management and digital marketing
  • Marketing on a global and multinational scale
  • Strategy, branding and marketing of new products
  • Salesforce administration

Future of MBA in Marketing, in India It's natural to wonder whether an MBA in Marketing is worthwhile, and why this particular domain is so well-liked. Reasons that will propel you towards going for an MBA in Marketing include its versatility, unlimited employment opportunities, and long-term career possibilities. With an MBA in Marketing from one of the Top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore, you can enter the field of Marketing with ease, and eventually become qualified for senior-level and executive positions in any company. Additionally, you must also keep honing your technical skills. For instance, as a new Marketing graduate, you will need to determine the break-even point utilizing a cost-volume-profit analysis after determining the supply and demand for an item or service. As a graduate with an MBA in Marketing, you will have to carry out various technical tasks too.

Are you qualified to pursue an MBA in Marketing?

You are a good candidate to pursue an MBA in Marketing if you have good interpersonal skills, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial abilities. Apart from that, excellent communication skills, leadership skills, and a great interest in marketing tactics are also equally important. An MBA in Marketing not only expands your knowledge and gives your career the boost it needs, but it also significantly influences your compensation by giving you an advantage over non-MBAs and other colleagues. An MBA in Marketing would thus be your best bet if earning a good package is what you're after.


Adding to its many noteworthy achievements, the MVJCE Business School is the best autonomous college in Bangalore for Management education. It is one of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore, providing an MBA in Marketing which aids students in developing abilities and tactics for interpreting and analysing consumer behaviour and charting market trends, helping them to become industry-ready. It provides live sessions with industry experts, regular engagement with practitioners, hands-on learning through live projects, and a top-notch syllabus by industry standards.

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