The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering

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Mar 06, 2023

One of the most important aspects of engineering is Diversity and Inclusion. Engineering is a field that requires collaboration between people of different backgrounds and experience levels, to produce innovative solutions to complex problems.

When everyone works together, their collective expertise, knowledge and creativity are leveraged to develop the best possible solutions. MBA Colleges like MVJCE in Bangalore encourage their students to understand and harness the benefits of diversity.

Benefits of having Diverse Perspectives and Backgrounds, in the Engineering field

  • Access to a larger talent pool :
    First and foremost, diversified engineering makes access to a larger talent pool possible. As a result, every member of the engineering team will become more knowledgeable and more creative. A diverse staff brings on board a larger range of perspectives and experiences, creating a richer and more engaging work environment. Creativity blossoms and thrives in a welcoming environment that accepts a variety of ideas, with an open mind.
  • Profit :
    More diversity brings a wider range of viewpoints to the table. If more minds collaborate, innovation, growth and financial benefits will increase. For instance, as per the survey of 21,980 enterprises from 91 countries conducted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, having women in the C-Suite raises net margins, considerably.
  • Demographic shifts :
    Diversity in engineering is crucial to understand a variety of differences such as geographic, cultural, racial, ethnic, and gender.

In India, engineers from the North who move to South India to work may encounter a different side of the country with new languages, cultural norms, and business practices. They may also bring their different perspectives and expertise. It will help the workplace and increase collaboration within an organization. Also, the whole process will enhance the personality of any candidate and help them to come out of their comfort zone.

Similarly, engineers from South India who work in North India may encounter similar differences and opportunities to learn from their new environment. In both cases, individuals may require to understand new communication styles, work schedules, and social dynamics.

One example of an organization focusing on diversity is Infosys, a global technology services and consulting firm based in Bangalore. The company has a diverse workforce, and Infosys also offers programs to support and encourage employees from diverse backgrounds, such as language training and cultural immersion experiences.

Every professional engineer must complete an Ethics course, to preserve his/her professional engineering licence in good standing. The engineering Code of Ethics states that engineers must treat all people with decency, respect, equality, and without discrimination.

The following steps can be taken to promote Diversity and Inclusion in the college:

Promoting diversity and inclusion on college campuses and in the industry is essential for creating an environment of acceptance, understanding, and respect for all people. Here are some steps that can be taken to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included:

  • Create an open and friendly environment :
    Fostering a positive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, is the first step forward. This can be done through increased dialogue, workshops, and events to help people become more familiar with different cultures and backgrounds. It can be done by providing inclusion training, the colleges must provide guidelines to the students and staff to make the place welcoming and safe for students coming from diverse backgrounds.
  • Diversity in admission :
    It is essential to generate scholarships and other financial aid to support and encourage students to be part of the college. Colleges should actively look for applicants from different backgrounds and set up programs accordingly. They must provide equal opportunities for students to help them get practical experience through internships and training programs.
  • Mentorship programs :
    Mentorship programs should include career guidance, counseling, interactive sessions, and networking programs to help the students to succeed academically and professionally in the future.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, diversity and inclusion in engineering are necessary for progress and strategic management. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds offer unique insights and new solutions to complex engineering problems.

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