Top Paying Companies in India for Data Science Engineers

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Nov 28, 2022

A large chunk of data is present in databases to serve local and industrial needs. This enormous data can transform businesses and communities, to benefit everyone. For this reason, we need Data Science engineers, to deal with a large data pool in order to transform people’s lives.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a thorough examination of methods required to obtain vast pools of data, to spot recurring trends with data inference, algorithm development, and technology, to solve complicated analytical problems. Data Science has enabled enterprises to derive valuable insights from raw or unstructured data. It helps the companies to research the source of information and utilise it without any hassles. The Data Science Engineering course is available at various engineering colleges in Bangalore. MVJCE being at the top of this pyramid providing good placement opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Data science is an innovative field that positively impacts any organisation. According to data from the job search and employer review platform Glassdoor, the average salary for Data Scientists in India is 11 lakh per year. A skilled Data Science graduate can find himself in positions such as data scientist, analyst, data engineer, business analyst, data architect etc.

The Top Five Companies that pay the Highest Salaries for Data Science Specialists

India is going through a digital transition to become the second-largest global hub for Data Science. Many engineering colleges have sprung up with multidisciplinary courses. According to reports, there will be over 11.5 million employment openings for Data Science specialists in India, by 2026. The top 5 businesses in this industry are listed below.

Amazon - Typical pay: Rs. 16 LPA

One of the top employers for data scientists, worldwide, is the e-commerce behemoth, Amazon. Amazon India relies on data scientists for many crucial tasks. Such as supply chain optimization, fraud detection and false review identification, multivariate testing, inventory management, and sales forecasting.

Flipkart - Typical wages - Rs. 13 LPA

Due to its expanding customer base and growing data volume, Flipkart has been consistently reaching out to employ new data scientists. Flipkart's data scientists seek to increase the Net Promoter Score by focusing on important business information. Utilising the knowledge connected with the domain to produce and maintain data.

Accenture - Typical pay - Rs. 11 LPA

Accenture is the place to be in if you are passionate about developing and implementing integrated data strategies. This well-known international professional service provider constantly seeks capable data scientists to join its team of professionals. It conducts dedicated courses and examinations to provide training and expertise to data scientists, which helps the firm hone the skillsets of its employees.

Deloitte - Typical pay - Rs. 9 LPA

Since 1845, Deloitte has provided global consulting, financial advising, tax, audit, and corporate risk services. This reputed firm leverages Data Science to complete many cross-disciplinary analytics initiatives. Deloitte's data scientists simplify complex and huge data analytics to make it easy for end consumers to understand.

Citrix - Typical pay - Rs. 6.5 LPA

This multinational corporation in the US provides various services, such as cloud computing, networking, and SaaS. Citrix works on numerous Data Science projects to gain a competitive edge in the market. It is by utilising data to support decision-making and forecasting outcomes.

Choose MVJCE for Better Career Prospects

To sum up, Data Science Engineering isn’t new to the world anymore, with various engineering institutes in India, providing courses in Data Science. MVJ College of Engineering is one of the top institutions in Bangalore, offering artificial Intelligence courses to shape your future in Data Science. The college provides a variety of professional programs to match the requirements of the modern workforce and offers excellent placement opportunities for fresh graduates. You can look up the courses and additional information on the MVJCE website.

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