Why is Chemical Engineering still thriving as an Engineering Stream?

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Nov 28, 2022

Engineering and technology offer many opportunities for people interested in working with systems and architecture. It drives the vehicle of progress, serving as a platform for millions of young minds yearning for bright futures, providing them with good career prospects. Chemical Engineering is one of the most underrated engineering streams. However, the fact remains that it plays a stellar role in research and development in several industries and service sectors. Its contribution to the progress of the world cannot be denied. MVJCE fosters the career of individuals pursuing Chemical Engineering. The college offers excellent prospects for students who pursue Chemical Engineering in Bangalore. This article will explain what Chemical Engineering is all about, and discuss why one should choose this stream over the other more popular engineering courses like computer science or electrical engineering.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering is designing, developing, operating, and managing the processes used in the commercial production of the necessities involved in manufacturing, transportation, transformation, and operation in the industries. It's a broad engineering area that combines mathematics and chemistry with biology principles, to create and simplify systems to obtain increased output. Therefore, Chemical Engineering is the basis for the sale (?) of commodities and industrial production, which is a vital factor for a chemical industry’s growth. Chemical Engineers are sufficiently skilled in many areas, to play problem-solving roles in several sectors. Their multidisciplinary character earns them the nickname ‘Universal Engineers’.

Why should you choose Chemical Engineering?

A Chemical Engineer is a pioneer in several areas of innovation, strategizing the production, modification, and transfer of materials. Colleges like MVJCE help with the resources that are required to shape an individual into a skilled Chemical Engineer. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Chemical Engineering for your engineering study:

  • The Scope in India: The need and demand for Chemical Engineers in India have grown significantly over time, due to technological advancements and several cutting-edge inventions. With its manufacturing expertise, India can train Chemical Engineers in the optimal industrial setting, to harbour growth and opportunities for the future. Besides, many organisations are looking for fresh, smart graduates with a background in Chemical Engineering, to work on climate-related challenges.
  • Specialisation in any Field: With their broad knowledge and technical know-how of various concepts, Chemical Engineers possess the core principles for achieving specialisation in other engineering fields. They can pursue further studies in various engineering disciplines, including environmental, agro, production, nuclear and petrochemical engineering. With this, they can improve their credentials and pursue promotions and positions by expanding their horizons.
  • Research possibilities: Chemical Engineering synthesises various chemical, physical, and biological sciences. It presents a unique opportunity to conduct research with a proficient R&D team and the necessary infrastructure. This stream offers a great platform for creative people to innovate and enhance processes, showcasing their uninhibited talent and skill, worldwide. In other words, creativity is the mainstay of Chemical Engineering.

Choose MVJCE for Better Career Prospects

Chemical Engineering is a fascinating engineering discipline crucial to India's industrial and commercial industries. MVJ College of Engineering is one of the top private engineering institutions in Bangalore that offers a Chemical Engineering degree. The college stands as one of India's best engineering institutions, with a balanced curriculum that lays equal emphasis on both the academic and practical aspects of the course. It also offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, including specialised courses in Basic Sciences, Computer Science, Electrical Science, and Mechanical Science, as well as an MBA to bring out the best in its students.

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