All clubs at mvjce actively participate in intercollegiate festivals,
promoting team spirit, originally and hard work.

Eikon Club

Eikon Club

The club strives to encapsulate the dynamic campus life by organizing and recording numerous events held throughout the academic year. Students utilize their problem-solving and coding abilities to develop software. They also refine their technical skills through analysis, design, and application in various areas relevant to Information Science and Engineering. Recent events include ‘Achievers,’ ‘Anveshana,’ and ‘Skill Development.’ 

Club Co-ordinator Faculty :

  1. Prof. Sayani  2. Prof. Renuka Devi

Student Co-ordinator:

  1. 1MJ21CD055           Vaibhav kumar P
  2. 1MJ22IS004            Aditi Mishra
  3. 1MJ22IS064            Murali N P
  4. 1MJ22IS124               Vasudev
  5. 1MJ21IS112                  Usha Singh G
  6. 1MJ22CD014             Harini

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