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About this Programme

The Department of Mathematics was established in MVJCE in Bangalore in the year 1982 with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Mathematics. Since Mathematics is the backbone of Science, Engineering and Technology. Our department comprises a dynamic team of passionate faculty members who are dedicated to cultivating mathematical proficiency and fostering intellectual curiosity among students. Through a comprehensive curriculum, we offer a wide range of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of engineering students. Our emphasis on both theoretical rigor and practical applications equips students with the essential mathematical tools necessary to tackle real-world engineering challenges. The Mathematics Department is committed to empowering students with the analytical skills, critical thinking abilities, and mathematical fluency necessary to excel as competent engineers and contribute meaningfully to society’s technological advancement.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be globally recognized for academic excellence, distinguished by the depth of our teaching and research endeavors.

Our Mission

  • To cultivate mathematical thinking among engineering students, empowering them to become proficient users of mathematics and its applications.
  • To intertwine real world experiences and practical life skills with the applications of Mathematics.
  • To foster collaboration with researchers across diverse disciplines to tackle complex engineering and scientific problems.
Mathematics python Lab

The Mathematics Python Lab provides a dynamic platform where you can bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing your mathematical proficiency and programming skills along the way. In this lab, we blend mathematical concepts with hands-on coding exercises to deepen understanding and foster problem-solving skills.

Research and Development lab is where inspiration gets introduced to perspiration. Using a collaborative approach, faculties as well as students can utilize the facilities available in R&D lab

Mathematics Research centre
The Research Centre in the Department of Mathematics is recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The Research Centre stands as a hub for mathematical exploration, theoretical innovation and the pursuit of intellectual curiosity. The Research Centre takes pride in its researchers’ contributions to cutting-edge mathematics. Our faculty members have consistently made their mark in prestigious journals and conferences. Collaborations with other mathematicians underscore the centre’s commitment to fostering a global mathematical community. Spanning a diverse range of mathematical disciplines, the research centre focuses on both pure and applied mathematics. The centre serves as a melting pot for mathematical ideas, encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations that transcend traditional boundaries.  AREAS OF RESEARCH

List of Doctorates

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation Areas of Interest Years of Experience
1 Dr. C Pradeep Associate Professor Differential Equations, Neural Networks 19
2 Dr. Naveena Kumara U Assistant Professor Wavelet Theory, Digital image processing 2
3 Dr. H F Shankar Assistant Professor Fluid dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer 1.5
4 Dr. Bhuvaneshwari T Assistant Professor Meromorphic Functions of Difference Differential Polynomial 1.5
5 Dr. Deepa K Assistant Professor Graph Theory 0.5

The MATLITE Club serves as a vibrant hub for students passionate about exploring the applicability of mathematics beyond the confines of their course. The club organizes a diverse array of activities aimed at promoting mathematical inquiry, fostering a sense of community, and enriching the academic experience. Club activities span a wide spectrum, from problem-solving sessions and mathematical puzzles to group discussions and collaborative projects, the club provides a platform for students to delve into intriguing mathematical concepts, share insights, and cultivate their problem-solving abilities in a supportive and engaging environment.

The MATLITE Club also hosts guest lectures featuring esteemed mathematicians, researchers, and industry professionals. These lectures offer students invaluable opportunities to gain exposure to cutting-edge research, explore interdisciplinary applications of mathematics, and engage with experts in the field. By bringing together students and professionals from diverse backgrounds, these lectures inspire intellectual curiosity, foster mentorship opportunities, and facilitate networking within the broader mathematical community.

Club Coordinator

Ms. Poojashree R


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