VTU Inter-Collegiate State Level Handball Tournament For Women 2022-23

Mar 24, 2023

Academic laurels, gold medals and University ranks are not the only areas where the students of MVJCE leave their mark. When it comes to Sports achievements too, the students of MVJCE are always there at the very top. At the recently held VTU Inter-collegiate State Level Handball Tournament for Women 2022-23, MVJCE students emerged as the Runner-up. It was a tough and well-fought competition and our students stood their ground to secure the Runner-up place. MVJCE is a Good engineering colleges in bangalore.

Congratulations to the entire team!

Standing from left – Dr. Vishwanath (RVCE PED), Bhoomika M K (AE Dept.), Udayakumar (PED – MVJCE), Gangadhar (PED – AIT) and Tournament Officials. Sitting from left – Rashmi K (AE Dept.), K. Chaturya (CSE Dept.), Vaishnavi M. L (AE Dept.), Mansi (CSE Dept.), Meghana P (ECE Dept.), Ankita Mattikalli (ECE Dept.), Annie Raj (AE Dept.)

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