Tomorrow’s Engineers Club

The "Tomorrow's Engineers" established in 2016 provides opportunities for multi disciplinary students to interact with each other in various domains to identify social problems and provide engineering solutions. This initiative helps to develop team spirit, leadership and practical skills. The motive of the Club is to make the participants understand an objective of an engineer.

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Tinkering Lab

Tinkering Lab established in 2015 is a dedicated makerspace in the College campus allowing our students to explore ideas, experiencing the process of creation of technology from ideation to prototyping. Students across all departments of the college are accessing this lab after working hours, at their convenience. The Lab provides basic machinery, materials, tools and instruments for crafting their imagination.

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UAV Lab helps the students to learn and understand the design and fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. A Medical Drone is being developed by MVJCE students of UAV Club. Our students have been regularly participating in “UAV Outback Challenge” in Australia every year since 2016. Our students have built drones for agriculture and surveillance and successfully competed in the Orissa Government under Skill India initiative in 2018.

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