Guest Lecture on “4D Biomaterials: Beyond Three Dimensions”

The Department of Physics has organized a guest lecture entitled “4D Biomaterials: Beyond three dimensions”, by Dr Amit Nain, Faculty, IISc Bangalore India. 

The event was conducted on 20.05.2024 in the MVJCE auditorium. The students were assembled in the auditorium by 09.45 am and the event started around 10.00 am and ended at 12.30 pm. Approximately 500 students of Physics cycle attended the guest lecture. 

4D biomaterials are an intriguing advancement in the field of biomaterials science. While traditional biomaterials focus on properties in three dimensions (3D), 4D biomaterials add the dimension of time, enabling them to change their structure or properties in response to external stimuli. This capability opens up exciting possibilities for applications in biomedicine, tissue engineering, drug delivery, and beyond.