Honouring Our Alumni: Exemplary Careers in the Armed Forces

MVJ College of Engineering takes great pride in spotlighting the extraordinary journey of a remarkable sibling duo who have chosen a path of unparalleled dedication and valor in the service of their nation within the Armed Forces.

Col. Reenu Khanna, a distinguished alumnus of the Class of 1994, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, stands as a shining example of dedication and excellence. Her illustrious career spans over 28 years of exemplary service within the esteemed ranks of the Indian Army. Her unwavering commitment remains evident, as she currently carries out her responsibilities at the esteemed Northern Army Command headquarters located in Udhampur.

Notably, during her time at MVJ College, Col. Reenu Khanna demonstrated her academic prowess by achieving the coveted position of department topper. Her name rightfully graces the college’s honour board for toppers, a testament to her exceptional academic achievements.

Furthermore, Col. Reenu Khanna’s brother, Group Captain Rakesh Thatha, entered the hallowed halls of MVJCE in 1992 and graduated with first Class in 1996. Embarking on a journey with the Indian Air Force since his graduation, he has attained the esteemed position of Group Captain. His dedicated service is currently stationed at HQ SWAC in Gandhi Nagar.

Their combined legacy of service, from MVJ College to the Armed Forces, stands as a testament to their exceptional devotion and indomitable spirit, which resonates through their remarkable contributions to our nation’s defence and security.