SPARK CLUB ACTIVITY on “Application Oriented Simulation”

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized Spark Club Activity on “Application Oriented Simulation” on 8th June 2024. The event started at 1:30 pm. The judge for the event was Mr. Satrajit Kar, 1995-2000 batch alumnus of MVJCE now working as Customer Success, Technical Support & Delivery Leader, Cyber Security Expert, Trellis, Bengaluru. The 4th and 6th semester students of EEE Department participated in this activity. The activity comprised of three rounds. 

Round I: Elements of Electrical Systems Recognition and Remembering Round

Images of electrical machines or electronic equipment’s was displayed to each batch consisting of 4 students. Students are asked to recognize the image, remember and write the name of the components in each image. Selection criteria for qualifying to second round was number of components remembered and time taken to reproduce it on paper.