Winners Of The Championship Trophy Are Team Xtreme Squad

MVJCE is extremely proud announcing the clap-worthy participation and victory of ‘Team Xtreme Squad’ and for not only bagging the title of Championship Trophy, but also excelled in specific categories, including 2nd place in Endurance, 1st place in Skid Pad, and bagging awards such as Best Female, Best Design, and First to Clear Technical Inspection at Edgeline Championship 2024. Their success in this competition further exemplifies the dedication and skill of the Xtreme Squad.

The Xtreme Squad has showcased remarkable prowess in various karting competitions, securing notable achievements and accolades. The Team Xtream Squad originated in the academic year 2011-2012, They build go-karts and represent them on national-level platforms of Go Kart competitions. Team Xtreme Squad of MVJCE, known for its technical prowess, not only excels in building go-karts but also consistently delivers remarkable results in diverse motorsports events.