Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP Management for Start Up”

One-day workshop on ‘Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP Management for Start Up’ was organized by the Institution Innovation Council on 06th June 2024. The workshop received an overwhelming response, with 103  participants of different departments. 


The workshop started at 10.15 AM with 103 participants including students from various departments of MVJCE with different verticals in focus to apply for patents. The workshop focussed on the state-of-art concepts of the importance of  intellectual property (IP), significance of trademarks, patents and copyrights. 

Workshop (06.06.2024): Inauguration Ceremony and FN Session

The workshop began with Ms Sowmya N, 4th Sem ECE student welcoming the guest and gathering. The chief guest of the workshop was Dr. Hemanth, Associate Partner, Patent Attorney, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP, Bangalore. Ms Sowmya N, 4th Sem ECE student welcomed the guest Dr. Hemanth and Dr. Shrinivas L. Gombi, Dean Academics, MVJCE on dais. Ms. Sudeeksha R, 4th Sem ECE student introduced the chief guest. As a token of appreciation. bouquet was presented to chief guest by Dr. Shrinivas L. Gombi, Dean Academics, MVJCE. Followed by the introduction the workshop was continued by the chief guest. The topic of discussion was the importance of patenting the ideas, design, prototype. Dr. Hemanth briefed about how the intellectual property is one of the most significant commercial assets we will ever possess, entrepreneurs and business owners should take it seriously. The legal term “intellectual property,” or “IP,” refers to a variety of valuable commercial assets. Patents, copyrights, and trademarks are the three main types of intellectual property. IP is frequently misinterpreted and perplexed. For the majority of individuals and companies, everything appears to be protected by a copyright even when it can truly be a trademark or vice versa. Knowing what kind of intellectual property (IP) you are dealing with is typically the most challenging step towards protecting it. He brifed on how a trademark is just another word for a brand or brand name. Any name, term, symbol, slogan, or other design that serves to identify and set one company’s or product apart from competitors in the market is considered a trademark. Having a patent is crucial since it can protect your creation. Any design, technique, or product that satisfies particular requirements in terms of uniqueness, usability, appropriateness, and practicality is protected. An invention is typically protected by a patent for a maximum of 20 years.