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‘Saahitya’, the Literature Club, is rooted in its mission to expose the students to the beautiful world of literature, through a rich and diverse array of literary activities such as debates, declamations, group discussions, poetry writing and recitation, writing, quiz contests, interactive/lecture sessions etc., all the way to learning to uphold and give back to the society from our various plantation drives (????) and social service activities. Saahitya is more than a Literature Club!

Club Magazine SCOPE: Click Here

  • Club Objective: “Saahitya strives to expound the importance of literature and the various facets of opportunity it provides while at the same time instilling the students with the perspective of giving back to the society. All this achieved by the 3 divisions that form the malleus, incus and stapes of the club, namely – Experience, Social and Scope.”
  • Club activities: The broadness of our club is extrapolated into the various activities and sessions held at regular intervals, wherein each division of the club takes charge to initiate their assigned tasks. General activities include:
  • The art speaking which involves Debates, Extempores, Group discussions, Open mics and Emceeing.
  • Writing by means of beautifully crafted poetry with appropriate recitation, creative writing, article and journal writing etc.
  • SCOPE magazine, the clubs magazine hoping to take its readers for a literature roller coaster ride.
  • Plantation drives with the aim of spreading awareness among the youth about the importance of trees and the current state of the planet.
  • Saahitya Care, a branch of Saahitya pushing forward the goal of charity and helping the society by all possible means starting from educating the underprivileged to creating documentaries spreading the word about conditions of life unheard of.

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