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leadership. In the year 2021, the Toastmasters Club of MVJ College of Engineering was chartered, and it was named as ‘MVJCE Toastmasters Club’.

MVJCE Toastmasters Club is the 10th New Club of District 92 for the year 2020 – 2021. Constant efforts of students and pre-charter meetings of the student members of the club kept the momentum going even amidst the pandemic, and that too in a virtual environment. These efforts played a huge role in bringing the club on board.

The objective of the club, to enhance public speaking skills, leadership skills, communication skill is achieved step by step during the club meetings. The agenda at the club meetings will include prepared speeches, table topics (impromptu speeches) etc. Club contests will be held, initially at college club level.

The two best speakers of these contests will represent MVJ College of Engineering in the Area Contest, where larger number of Toastmasters Clubs will be competing. Moving ahead, MVJCE’s Toastmasters Club has the opportunity to reach international level, which is the ultimate level of the Toastmasters contest.

There are several advantages in being a member of MVJCE Toastmasters Club. It helps students in articulating any message clearly and precisely, taking up initiatives to become a leader as well as a team player, overcoming stage fear, thinking on their feet and many more. We are sure to make a mark at the International level, considering the fact that perseverance, determination and hard work are the hallmarks of our students.

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