Our Vision

To create an ambience that fosters excellence,by providing innovative emerging programs in Computer Science and Engineering so that we can bring out future-ready engineers equipped with technical expertise and strong ethical values.

Our Mission

  • Firm Foundation in Computing Discipline: To educate students at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in the fundamental and advanced concepts of the computing discipline.
  • Quality Research Opportunities: To provide a strong theoretical and practical background across the Computer Science and Engineering discipline, with emphasis on computing technologies, quality research, consultancy and training.
  • Continuous Teaching-Learning: To promote an ongoing teaching-learning process that brings with it advancements in the Computer Science and Engineering discipline, leading to new technologies and products.
  • Social Responsibility and Ethical Values: To inculcate professional behaviour, innovative research capabilities, leadership abilities and strong ethical values in the young minds, so that they will commit themselves to shaping a better society and world.

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Admission Open

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  1. Current Industry Practices: Our Graduates will analyze real world problems and give solutions, using current industry practices in computing technology.
  2. Research and Higher Studies: Our Graduates will receive a strong foundation in Mathematics and Engineering fundamentals which will enable them to pursue higher learning, R&D activities and consultancy.
  3. Social Responsibility: Our Graduates will be shaped into professionals with ethics, who will facilitate industry growth as well as social transformation, as responsible citizens.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  1. Programming: Our Graduates will possess the ability to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in areas related to algorithms, system software, multimedia, web design, DBMS, and networking, for efficient design of computer-based systems of varying complexities.
  2. Practical Solutions: Our Graduates will be able to provide practical solutions for real world problems, with a wide range of programming languages and open-source platforms in various computing domains.

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