M Tech - Electronics and Communication Engineering (Advanced Communication Technology)

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In the presence of 150+ computer systems, modern spectrum analyzers, and 23+ digital software such as Cadence and Kiel, you are open to test and work in a learning environment that transforms your practical skills into valuable experience for the future. The devices, equipment, machines and other physical resources used in our Labs and classrooms are top-notch, and frequently upgraded. Some of the popular Labs that students work at, during their course:

Advanced Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Advanced Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Advanced Digital Signal Processing lab deals with different transformation techniques of the  signals, analysis of Multirate systems, window designing methods, spectral analysis of all types  of signals using advance methods and basic idea of using linear algebra approaches for signal  processing methods. Also the objective of the laboratory is to enable the students simulate, and  synthesize experiments with DSP boards. Students can implement digital signal processing  algorithms using different computational platform. The laboratory contains both hardware and  software facilities and equipped with personal computers, Texas Instruments DSP kits  (TMS320C6416 and TMS320C6713), Image Daughter card with camera and Accessories. The  software used includes Code Composer Studio and MATLAB

Antenna Theory and Design Laboratory

Antenna Theory and Design lab ropes intermediate and advanced courses in Electromagnetic and Microwave Engineering. Students experiment with transmission line propagation, antennas and microwave circuit components. The microwave laboratories provide the necessary support for training the students in the area of RF Engineering. It offers analysis and simulation of various components and devices to understand the basics of Antenna Theory and Design engineering, to boost the quality of engineering education, deepen understanding, and provide the necessary practical skills to young minds

Advanced Communication Laboratory

Advanced Communication Lab covers three major areas such as Optical Communication, Wireless Communication, and Microwave Engineering. The laboratory is well equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Fiber Optic trainer kits, Function Generators, Dual Trace Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Microwave test benches of Klystron and Gunn Source, Optical Power meters, Laser Trainer Kit and Cable Fault Locator. This course covers the wireless experiments such as the investigation of multipath delay, multipath fading, Doppler effect, channel estimation, OFDM principles, pulse shaping, and matched filters. The microwave experiments to measure impedance, power, VSWR, S parameter of passive components, and active components characteristics.