M Tech Electronics and Communication
Engineering (VLSI Design)

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Career Opportunities

Apart from numerous job opportunities for VLSI engineers in the semiconductor industry, the course is also designed to inflict an interest in the student minds, that will thrust them to nurture their research ideas. The research opportunities include:

Research and Development

VLSI (Very-Large-Scale Integration) design is a critical aspect of research and development in the field of electronics engineering. It involves the design, layout, and fabrication of complex integrated circuits (ICs) that contain millions of transistors. The primary goal of VLSI design is to increase the functionality, performance, and reliability of electronic devices while reducing their size and power consumption. VLSI design is used in a wide range of applications, including smartphones, laptops, servers, and supercomputers. It is also used in automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. In research and development, VLSI design is used to explore new technologies, such as 3D ICs, neuromorphic computing, and quantum computing. Overall, VLSI design plays a crucial role in the development of new and innovative electronic devices and systems.