The IQAC ensures ongoing quality enhancement through systematic improvements,
fostering stakeholder engagement for holistic institutional excellence.


01. Academics

Attendance Requirements as per University Regulations

The institution has a structured system for maintaining and utilizing available facilities.

  • MVJCE Facility Management Team maintains physical and academic support facilities.
  • Responsibilities of the team include:
    • Housekeeping activities
    • Maintenance of the garden
    • Pest control
    • Addressing campus-wide maintenance issues
  • MVJCE has deployed location supervisors across the campus.
  • Each location supervisor reports to the maintenance manager regarding electrical, plumbing, and housekeeping issues/complaints.
  • A logbook is maintained for these observations and issues.
  • The college provides transportation facilities for faculty and students.
  • A transport committee is constituted to address and rectify transport-related issues.
  • Campus security is managed by in-house security guards with the assistance of an external private agency, operating in two shifts around the clock.