Propulsion Laboratory

The Propulsion Laboratory houses experimental facilities for the under graduate and post graduate programs. It also has equipment for research activities. Lab has a R-25 jet engine and a piston engine. Students can study the fuel and lubrication related systems.

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Aerodynamics Laboratory

The objective of Aerodynamic Laboratory is to make students understand the nature of flow past various models at different attitudes, and thereby providing a source for engineering testing and flow analysis.The nature of pressure distribution over various aerofoil and body shapes is explained.

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The objective of aircraft structures laboratory is to make the students understand the various principles involved in the aircraft structural design. The laboratory is equipped with Beam Test setup, Wagner beam, vibration of beamequipment and Shear Center Test setup.

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Flight Simulation Laboratory

The Flight Simulation Laboratory has MATLAB and SMULINK software for stability and control analysis of aircraft,missiles, satellites and spacecraft. Performance work can also be carried out like estimation ofrunway roll during take-off and landing with modelling of hazardous conditions.

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