Attendance Requirements as per University Regulations

  • Each semester is considered as a unit and the candidate has to put in a minimum attendance of 85% in each subject with a provision of condonation of 10% of the attendance by the Vice-Chancellor on the specific recommendation of the Principal of the College where the candidate is studying, showing some reasonable cause such as medical grounds, participation in University level sports, cultural activities, seminars, Workshops, Paper presentation, etc.
  • The basis for the calculation of the attendance shall be the number of hours prescribed by the University by its calendar of events. For the first semester students, the same shall be reckoned from the date of admission to the course as per CET allotment.
  • The students shall be informed about their attendance position periodically by the College so that students shall be cautioned to make up the shortage. The Principal shall submit the list of students who have been detained for shortage of attendance by the end of the semester to the Registrar (Evaluation) of VTU with a copy to the Registrar. Provided that mere omission by the College to inform the student about the shortage of attendance shall not entitle him to appear for examination.
  • A candidate having shortage of attendance in one or more subjects shall have to repeat the whole semester and such candidates shall not be permitted to take admission to next higher semester. Such students shall take readmission to the same semester in the subsequent academic year.

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