Our students will have access to a unique set of laboratory facilities such as Concrete and Geo technical engineering Lab, Highway Materials Testing Lab along with Transportation Engineering Lab in laboratory. We have a range of facilities for flexural strength testing.

Structural Engg

lab is used to conduct several tests to determine the compressive strength, flexural strength, determination of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture by using loading frames.

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This lab is fully equipped with all kind of minerals and rock specimens which is used for identification and study on physical properties. This lab is also designed to understand the various problems which are associated in the field to solve strike and dip of the various geological strata. The lab consists of minerals like Quartz, Feldspar, mica, carbonate group of minerals, ore minerals like magnetite, hematite, iron pyrite and chalcopyrite etc., Also rock specimens like igneous...

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Software Application

Software application lab is equipped with a highly configured computer system installed with latest versions of advanced software’s like ETABS using which students can model...

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Concrete is a construction material composed of cement, fine aggregates (sand) and coarse aggregates mixed with water which hardens with time. In this LabTesting facilities available for the evaluation, preparation, and testing of aggregate sources, products, and samples for use in concrete, asphalt mixtures, and granular base course applications. This Lab also has equipment’s/facilities for the tests on aggregates, bitumen/binder, and bitumen mix. The research on physical properties of paving materials such as flow, deformation, and fracture, to characterize properly the behaviour of paving materials such as asphalt binder and fine aggregate mastic containing asphalt binders. The Laboratory is equipped to evaluate the strength, stiffness, and ductility of paving materials.

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Environmental Engineering Lab Investigation of Quality of Water – Determination of pH, Acidity, Alkalinity, Solids, Chlorides, Hardness, Chlorine demand and Turbidity of Water. Investigation of Quality of Sewage Water like BOD, COD.

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The Laboratoryintends to train the students in the field of testing of soils to determine their physical, index and engineering properties.This lab guides the students to conduct the test as per Bureau of Indian Standard procedures cater the needs of consultancy

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Survey Lab Transferring of Bench mark and determination of altitudes, azimuths by using Total station and other conventional instruments like Dumpy levels and Theodilites.

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Basic Material Testing Lab

Basic Material Testing Lab Determination of basic properties of building materials like bricks, sand, steel and flooring and roofing tiles.

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Fluid Mechanics Lab Determination of Reynolds number, flow through packed bit, flow through channels, flow through notches, flow through pipes and performance of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps

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