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To create Engineers who will play a pivotal role in making our country self-sufficient by designing indigenous products, we need to provide them with the best, so that they get the right exposure and knowledge to develop their skills and hone their creativity. The campus at MVJCE is fully equipped with all the modern facilities and Labs that are required to shape talented Mechanical Engineers.

Computer Aided Machine Drawing And Cama Lab

Computer Aided Machine drawing lab makes use of computers (or workstations) to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design of different machines and its parts. Machine drawing lab utilizes technologies

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Fluid Machinery Lab

The Fluid Mechanics laboratory is a state-of-the art facility used to conduct a variety of experiments pertaining to water and fluids. Among other things, this laboratory provides a means .

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Foundry Forging & Welding Lab

The course foundry forging & welding technology, which is one of its own kind, helps a student to gain knowledge and expertise in diverse areas such as sand technology, tooling.

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Cim & Automation Lab

Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) refers to the use of computer-controlled machineries and automation systems in manufacturing products. CIM combines various technologies like computer-aided design (CAD)

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Design Laboratory

Design Laboratory provides hand on experience to understand and measure the terminologies involved in Design of free vibration and damped Vibrating systems, journal bearings, balancing of rotating Masses, Measurement of stresses

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Energy Lab

From transportation to electricity production to energy consumption, our society is powered by the use of complex conversion devices. World is devoted to advancing the frontiers of science and engineering in order to improve the efficient use of natural resources, while minimizing environmental impact of these systems.

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Engineering Graphics Lab

Engineering Graphics / Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (CAED) lab is used to teach engineering drawing to the UG students. This subject focuses on the principles of engineering graphics and technology is covered in this course.

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Heat Transfer Laboratory

Heat Transfer laboratory provides fundamental knowledge about modes of heat transfer, like conduction, convection and radiation, and their application. This lab course offered to the III Year Mechanical Engineering Students to make them understand the principles of boiling and Condensation modes

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Instrumentation & Measurement Lab

The process of getting one or more numerical values that can be fairly assigned to a quantity or property is known as measurement. A measurement's correctness, specificity, and consistency are all covered by metrology.

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Machine Shop Lab

A machine shop is a room, building, or company where machining, a form of subtractive manufacturing, is done. In a machine shop, machinists use machine tools and cutting tools to make parts, usually of metal or plastic (but sometimes of other materials such as glass or wood) Machine shops often also contain the raw materials

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Meterial Testing Lab

The process of testing of materials to find out its Mechanical properties like elasticity, plasticity, ductility, brittleness, yield strength and hardness etc.. And used to ensure that supplied material will perform as expected and covers a wide variety of experimental

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Workshop Lab

The workshop is the center for learning about engineering materials, manufacturing practices, equipment tools, and safety precautions to consider in manufacturing operations. Include general workshop practices in the curriculum in order to provide hands-on experience with the use of various engineering materials, tools, equipment

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