Computer Science Engineering
(Data Science)

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Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture (TITLE: Cryptography and Network Security)

Network security and cryptography is a subject too wide ranging to coverage about how to protect information in digital form and to provide security services. However, he had explained overview of network security and cryptography and various algorithms which are used for security.

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Guest Lecture (TITLE: Evolution Of Generative AI)

The Guest speaker in his special address gave a clear idea about Generative AI and its tools. He provided an overview of AI, ML, and deep learning algorithms, and discussed the various tools used in generative AI. He also highlighted the growing job opportunities in industries associated with generative AI, ensuring that students gained a comprehensive understanding of the subject during the session.

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Guest Lecture on ’Serverless Computing’

Mr. Rajat Agarwal, Senior Systems Analyst from first American Pvt. Ltd., was the Resource Person. Sharing his Industry knowledge about Serverless Computing, Cloud computing and AWS, he started his talk with an introduction to Serverless computing and Cloud Computing and its basic concepts. He then spoke about the importance of Cloud Computing in the IT field. He elaborated on the different models of Cloud. He also gave a demo to the students about how a Cloud can be setup using AWS