B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
- Data Science (CSE-DS)

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  • The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) encompasses a variety of topics relating to Programming languages, Analysis of algorithms, Data structures, Web technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. With the technolgies in this field evolving and changing rapidly, the CSE curriculum at MVJCE focuses not only on the fundamentals but also on keeping students in the loop on the latest advancements in this field.
  • The CSE Data Science Curriculum has been framed, based on NEP guidelines, with focus on Multidisciplinary education. All the recommendations of NEP have been carefully considered while framing the syllabus, with inputs from experts from Industry and Academia.
  • Aligning with the recommendation of NEP, students are given the flexibility to select courses through a Choice Based Credit system. Ability Enhancement Courses are offered from the First year onwards. Students must select one vertical from among the 11 verticals/clubs available at the college. This helps to improve innovative thinking and creativity. From the 3rd semester onwards, courses like Unix shell Programming, C sharp and NET framework, Research Methodology and IPR, Angular JS and Node JS are offered as Ability Enhancement Courses.
  • A Major in CSE Data Science also offers students the provision to get a Minor degree in AI, DS, IoT etc., or an Honours degree, by earning extra 18 credits. This is in line with the NEP.
  • The Data Science Curriculum includes IPCC courses like Data Structures, Analog and Digital Electronics, Python Programming, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Web Programming, Machine Learning, Cryptography and Network Security. The syllabus incorporates Elective subjects like Mobile Computing, Visualization Techniques, Digital Forensics, Natural Language Processing, Green Computing, Cybersecurity, Introduction to Data Science etc.
  • Courses like OOPs with Java Programming, Python Programming, SQL, Web technologies, Mobile application development are also taught, as these will help students with their projects. Apart from all these courses, Internships and plenty of Project work on societal problems are also included, as part of the curriculum. Besides, students are encouraged to do the Certification Courses offered by organizations like NPTEL, Swayam, Coursera, Infosys Springboard and NASSCOM.
  • With all this, the CSE Data Science Curriculum aims to transform students into highly motivated graduates, enriched and armed with professional competence, managerial skills, built-in dynamism and humanism, shaping them into Engineers with intellectual curiosity and ethical values.