B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
- Data Science (CSE-DS)

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Department of Data Science aspires to become a school of excellence, providing quality education, constructive research, and professional opportunities in Data Science.

Our Mission

  • To provide academic programs that engage, enlighten and empower the students to learn technology through practice, service and outreach.
  • To impart quality and value-based education, and contribute towards the innovation of computing, expert systems and Data Science, to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  • To encourage research through continuous improvement in infrastructure, curriculum and faculty development, in collaboration with industry and institutions.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • Our Graduates will have the capability to apply their knowledge and the skills that they have acquired, to solve issues in real world Data Science sectors, and to develop feasible and viable systems.
  • Our Graduates will have the potential to participate in life-long learning through the successful completion of advanced degrees, continuing education, certifications and/or other professional developments.
  • Our Graduates will actively pursue post graduate studies in advanced areas of Data Science and related fields, by succeeding in competitive exams.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • Our Graduates will be endowed with the ability to become leaders in Industry and Academia, by possessing advanced knowledge and skills, which can empower them to analyze, design, develop and implement their learning to develop the society.
  • Our Graduates will have the ability to develop the skills to address and solve social and environmental problems in an ethical way, and perform multidisciplinary projects using advanced technologies and tools.